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friendly zombies
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What In the World is Frombie?! (Short Answer: A Cool Kawaii Friendly Zombie Series)

Frombie is lifestyle brand offering a unique concept of collectible “Friendly Zombie” toys and comic books which can be described as disturbingly creepy and cute at the same time. The concept of turning monsters into toys can be found with many popular brands that are connected to additional relevant products. As an example, the Monster High dolls (popular with girls age 3 to 13) are connected to a web video series, books, and interactive games featuring characters inspired by traditional horror movies. Frombies Friendly Zombie Toys include various plush animals and figures in addition to branded clothing, accessories, jewelry & pins.

Who is a Frombie For? 

It can be anticipated that Frombie Friendly Zombie toys will be a fun toy for young girls and boys (age 4 to 13), but the Frombie graphic novels, posters, and comic book series will probably be more popular with young boys (age 12 and up).

The Frombies Friendly Zombie Main Characters:

Zora is the star Frombie character, a 15 year old girl who is the key to survival on a planet named Sscors that is at war. Her best friend Skiddlyboop is a flying squirrel, and they travel together through different portals looking for a way to save their planet.

Check here to learn more about this serie and see  cool friendly zombie toys: Cool Kawaii Zombie Figurines

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