The Originals – for When You Can’t Get Enough of The Vampire Diaries

The New Orleans based show, The Originals, is the perfect show for those that have not been able to get enough of The Vampire Diaries. It features the siblings of the original vampires of the world, the Mikaelsons. The three siblings are Klaus, played by Joseph Morgan, Rebekah, played by Claire Holt, and Elijah, played by Daniel Gillies. Klaus’ protégé, Marcel, played by Charles Michael Davis, is now in charge of New Orleans. Klaus built New Orleans himself and he needs to take his city back!

The only reason that Klaus left New Orleans was because his father, Mikael, chased him out and that left Marcel room to take over. But Klaus knows that he deserves to have what he built so he returns after many years to take his rightful place.

Of course, every city has an heir and at first New Orleans doesn’t have one. But it will soon as a child is soon to be born and it will be the first werewolf/vampire hybrid.

Fans of Klaus in The Vampire Diaries will be thrilled to see more of Joseph Morgan, the London born actor that played Klaus in the recurring role. In The Vampire Diaries, his fans had to wait for him to make an appearance because he wasn’t in every episode but in The Originals you’ll be able to see him over and over again. You might also recognize Joseph Morgan from such movies as The Immortals, Ben Hur, Hex, and Doc Martin. There is no doubt that this young man has some talent and his strong features and lean body will be sure to draw in some female viewers.

The Originals is every bit as good as The Vampire Diaries and is filled with action, love, frustrations, and desire. There’s not a minute of time where you won’t be feeling every emotion that the characters feel.

The Originals: Season 1
List Price:$24.98
You Save:$7.24
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