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Win a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking!

Yep, Zujava is at it again. This time they are offering a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking to the winner. All you have to do is write as many pages (leaves) you want and enter them on the official submission page. All pages must have been created between March 16 and April 16 2012. If you are not already a writer on Zujava you can join here via my link: ZUJAVA

This is a very cool prize!

My Octopus page won 3rd place on the latest Zujava contest

I was thrilled to won the third place on the first ever Zujava contest. My page “Octopus Facts” was featured on Zujava blog as a result: All About Octopuses: Leaf Spotlight.

It’s motivating, and as soon as I have some more time I will publish a few more leaves (pages) there.

You can join Zujava if you like to write. A great way as well to interlink with your Squidoo (or Wizzley or Hubpage) content

Win a Free Apple TV Contest! Just write!

Love to write? Want the chance to win an Apple TV? Easy, just create a free account on Zujava here, write and publish your page (or pages since you can submit as many as you wish until the end of the contest on March 4, 2012). And cross your fingers.

Your page must include a 30 words or more intro, 8 properly credited images or photos and 8 sections (section are the “blocks” you use to build your page on Zujava ). Once it’s publish, submit it to the contest.

I already have 2 pages in, I want to publish a few more.

Good luck to all.

Sign up for Zujava.com: Simple online publishing.

Repeat after me: I will publish more

The more content we have the better chance we have to earn more. Simple. What’s not simple is to get to it and actually publish new pages (on whatever platforms you prefer). So today I make a pledge: I will publish at least 2 pages a week on average. For some of you this is a ridiculously low number, but for me it will be a good challenge. Let’s say that I am on a good start. Since January 22 2012 I have published 4 pages on the new platform Zujava, 4 squidoo pages, 2 Wizzley pages and 1 Hub. I also bought 10 sale lenses (mostly jewelry and gifts), some were already made and some were custom orders.

Now I also need to do a lot of updating, 2 lenses a day would be a good start. Tidying up a bit, checking broken Amazon links, adding a bit of fresh content whenever possible.

On Zazzle, I need to get going and add new designs. I have 3 stores that do pretty well (gay interest,  fanfreluche and FrenchFlair) and 2 others that are much slower (Mont_Blanc and Dnaudet). There again I need some focus: do a large clean up of badly design products, focus on one design per session and add all the available variation that could be done to have the max good looking products for each designs.

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