Repeat after me: I will publish more

The more content we have the better chance we have to earn more. Simple. What's not simple is to get to it and actually publish new pages (on whatever platforms you prefer). So today I make a pledge: I will publish at least 2 pages a week on average. For some of you this is a ridiculously low number, but for me it will be a good challenge. Let's say that I am on a good start. … [Read more...]

Octopus Locomotion: a new page on Wizzley

I want to get more active outside Squidoo this year. No point in keeping all my articles on squidoo. I think branching out might be a good idea, especially because I am starting to loose faith into Squidoo. It still remains a great platform to earn money but the amount of spam seems to increase exponentially. I am afraid that eventually Squidoo might be clobbered by Google. So … [Read more...]