Monster High Dolls Make Me Wish….

Monster High dolls make me wish my daughter was older so I could buy myself  buy her some Monster High dolls without my husband thinking I am crazy. I love these dolls. They are very cool.When I was a little girl I hated Barbie to the point where my parents (after I decapitated my fist doll at age 3) capitulated and start giving me cool toys such as cars, truck and cowboys. … [Read more...]

This Christmas I Offer Playmobil: Toys not Made in China!

As you may, or may not know, most Playmobil sets are made in Europe!  NOT MADE IN CHINA if you prefer. I try my best to avoid made in China products and I am always looking for new products and toys to add to my list of not made in China. To my surprise Playmobil are made in Europe. I bought 3 boxes for my son's Christmas gifts and all were made in Europe: one from Spain, one … [Read more...]

After Being an Hubpages Member for over 3 Years I Finally Published my First Hub!

After 3 years of total inactivity on Hubpages, I finally published a first page there (make that two). Yes, really I did. For some reason I have never felt at home on Hubpages and was finding the platform a bit daunting. But for the "not put your eggs in the same basket" reason I decided to publish a couple of pages there. That will allow me to backlink some squidoo lenses at … [Read more...]