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The 90 Euros Cast Iron Pan

I wanted to go back to cast iron pans for a long time. I used to have some pretty old ones while I was living in Canada. But that’s were they stayed….too heavy to bring here in France. So they are currently in a box at my parent’s. When I came here to live with my husband we started using some of the old tefal her grand-mother had (I called them the cancer pans). I keep wanting cast iron. Still the first set we bought was…Tefal because I don’t know why to tell the truth. Maybe that’s the only thing we found at Galerie Lafayette and since I hate shopping we picked up the first pans we saw. So 3 more years with cancer pans. Now, cancer pans don’t last forever, in fact they don’t last even if you take all the care possible. After 3 years, these pans have pretty much reach the end of their life. Not to mention that they are hazardous for health once they have a little scratch. So the not so cheap Tefal needed a replacement and this time there was no way I was going shopping “in real life” for them.

I wanted cast iron so I started looking. I found this Swedish brand: Skeppshult Handcrafted Swedish Tradition. These cast iron pans are made in Sweden and are guarantee for 25 years (anyway I have never seen a cast iron pan lasting less than a lifetime!). Not only are cast iron pans better for the environment, they are also much better for cooking than those chemical laden non-stick junk. You no longer cook in fire-retardant toxic pans!

So I order one online and when I receive it I was ecstatic:

Me: “Honey, I bought a cast iron pan! To replace our junk”
Honey: “oh ok cool”
Honey: “where did you get them”
Me “Online”
Honey: “But you had to pay shipping, that must have cost more no?”
Me: “No, free shipping and I got 10% off too”
Honey: “Cool, how much?”
Me: “90 euros”
Honey: ” 90…EUROS?”
Me: “yes, they will last a lifetime, they also have 25 years guarantee included just in case”
Honey: “90 euros!”
Me: “Look, our non-stick junk lasted 3 years, make the count… We pay for these in less than 10 years”
Me: “Look” (showing him my pan)
Honey: “ok and where are the others?”
Me: “what others?”
Honey: “the other pans”
Me: “there is not other pan”
Honey: “90 euros is just for 1 pan????”
Me: “yes, what do you thing, quality cost money and it’s not made in China by a 9 years old kid” (followed by a long explanation on the benefits of cast iron for environment, health and budget”
Honey after a glass of wine: “ok ok, that make sense”
Me: “I know, that’s why I bought it, next time I’ll buy the one a bit larger”