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Halloween and Christmas on Squidoo

It’s the season again! Halloween and Christmas. Both holidays are usually good for me despite the fact that I have very few Halloween and Christmas oriented pages. I do have the usual “must have” toy pages (all of them featuring toys NOT made in China), but compare to many writers on squidoo, I don’t have much to show. Still, I usually do great. So In preparation for Halloween and Christmas, I have been updating some of these pages especially two of them that usually perform pretty good:

Scary, Cool, and Simply Awesome Jack-O-Lanterns

Star Trek Christmas Ornaments

Here’s a cool 2011 Star Trek Christmas ornament:


Now I will try to create some more Halloween and Christmas pages before it’s too late for 2011, but both are not really topics that appeal to me. I will write more pages on great toys not made in China, but I have trouble getting motivated for Halloween and Christmas pages. We will see!