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The Cadillac of Pepper Mills

In this post “The 90 Euros Cast Iron Pan” I talk about a Swedish brand of cast iron products. Well, I just bought a Skeppshult pepper mill at 50% off (I am crazy, but not enough to pay the full price). I used a gift card my mother in law gave me at Christmas, so in the end it’s a free pepper mill.

It grinds extra fine. I need to see if that can be changed to a coarser grind. It is ultra heavy (750 grams), you can use it instead of the cast iron pan to defend yourself in case of emergency. It is made out of wood and cast iron and has ceramic blades.

Husband didn’t ask how much it cost, I told him as a preemptive tactic it was paid with the gift card (which is true).

Here’s the beast: