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My turn! Bubblews Didn’t Pay Me.. So is Bubblews A Scam After All?

bubblews scam

For my latest post (October 2014) about Bubblews issues, Bubblews redemption update and other changes read here : Bubblews is Bursting. For my original post, read below:

Is Bubblews a scam? I wouldn’t say yes, but they did loose my confidence (that was thin to begin with)…..

On August 8th I sent out another redemption request…. and never got paid.

I haven’t posted anything new there since August 8th and was away for 3 weeks in August so I was not active at all on Bubblews. When I came back from holidays, I saw the missing payment so I logged in and sent them an email. It got ignored. I sent another one today but I don’t hold my breath. You know what they say: “when it’s too good to be true……” ( actually my first ever Bubblews “bubble” was pretty much saying that: Bubblews view by a newbie: copyright and money paid).
Is Bubblews a scam? Far too many people are not getting paid and I am not talking about those who partake in like exchanges, mass Twitter spam (via multiple accounts and bots), nor those who post stolen content. I am talking about serious online writers with good content that brings Google traffic. I am talking about honest writers, who follows the rules to a T. Sure there are many who didn’t get paid for a reason, but many are not getting paid for no reason at all. Unless I was right in my first Bubblews bubble: they don’t have the money to pay everyone so they don’t. Like the lottery you might or not get paid…. Or like the vast majority of those PTC (paid to click) sites.

So back to me and my account (http://www.bubblews.com/account/2933-fanfreluche) (Update November 1 2013: I deleted most of my article there, no point giving them free traffic. Most of my content have been/will be post elsewhere)

– All my posts are over 400 characters

– I rarely, if ever, tweet my stuff so I don’t get 1000 of bot’s views like so many

– I don’t partake in like/comment exchange (yep there are a few “rings” going on in Bubblews)

– I don’t “like” a bubble if I don’t like it, sorry if it’s crap it’s crap and I won’t encourage you.. you are not bringing external traffic with your spam.

– I never posted more than 10 bubbles a day..heck I rarely post more than 5

– All my articles are 100% by me, not stolen from someone on the net

– And guess what? I also use images I actually got the right to use (but i doubt this is an issue with Bubblews, I see many people claiming they got paid with stolen images all over their posts).

– Oh and I am paypal verified.

So right now I bring money and traffic to Bubblews . I do know I get external traffic because money in the bank keeps growing nicely and it’s not from internal traffic/ likes/comments because I am no longer active there (since a month) and a quick glance shows very little internal action from the community. So why should I write for free?

I have a copy of all my interesting bubbles and unless I get paid I will remove them from Bubblews and post them elsewhere. I’ll leave the fluff that don’t pull outside traffic and the Bubblews related posts. and then when I reach next payout I will redeem…. and wait. I don’t intend to post anything new until I get paid and if I get paid I will no longer put good stuff there but will only put 400 words fluff. Until Bubblews proves viable (that is yet to be seen).

Am I mad? Nope I wasn’t even expecting to be paid the first time but I was. Did I loose time/money? Nope, if I make an average over the summer, It took me less than 2 minutes a day. And my content is not lost either because I can post it elsewhere.

But I find the lack of communication annoying and it won’t help Bubblews in the future. A friend of mine from Squidoo (http://marciag.squidoo.com/) who has high writing standard and ethics is also missing 2 payments and is not having any luck with communication either.

Oh and I kinda lied when I say I didn’t post anything since August 8th: I did post a bubble about me not getting paid, strangely they were real fast yanking it…wish they’d pay that fast.

They could have used the opportunity of that bubble to answer clearly. The fact that they deleted instead of replying and engaging discussion is not positive at all.

I suppose that mean I will never get paid anyway, because they probably have black listed me for speaking up (my second email was not rude but quite to the point as well).

So what have been your experience so far? Is Bubblews a scam? A big bubble that will soon burst?

bubblews scam

Image: www.istockphoto.com

Win a Free Apple TV Contest! Just write!

Love to write? Want the chance to win an Apple TV? Easy, just create a free account on Zujava here, write and publish your page (or pages since you can submit as many as you wish until the end of the contest on March 4, 2012). And cross your fingers.

Your page must include a 30 words or more intro, 8 properly credited images or photos and 8 sections (section are the “blocks” you use to build your page on Zujava ). Once it’s publish, submit it to the contest.

I already have 2 pages in, I want to publish a few more.

Good luck to all.

Sign up for Zujava.com: Simple online publishing.

Squidoo Payday! What are you going to do with your pay?

Yesterday it was “blue box” day. I was happy with my December earnings. That + Amazon and other affiliates = my best ever month ever. So now that the money has reached my Paypal account (I just checked) I am in the process of virtually spending it. Here’s how:

I will buy one gold coin for investment
I will set aside some money to either buy some lenses or content or have copy editing done for me
And I will put the remaining in bank for this summer trip to Canada.

How do you plan spending your squidoo pay?

Received my Redgage earnings today…Amazon here I come

I received my new Visa debit card from Redgage yesterday. With 50$ on it (minus the activation fees I have 47.50 remaining). Quite please with the speed. From withdrawal to card in hands it took about 2 weeks. The first time, my card took 2 months to arrived. they say they changed the card program, not sure what they meant because it’s still run by WRL. This card is good for 2 years, so I will be able to do plenty or reload on it…means I want to get busy uploading more content on Redgage! Although I am halfway to another withdrawal, I might wait until I have 75$ or 100$ before taking the money out this time.

I love it. I get backlinks for my sites and my photos earn me money. You can’t beat that.

Off to browse Amazon for stuff I might need!

Oh if you want to register to RG:

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