I joined RedBubble to sell my photos

EDITED September 2016 (see below) After toying for months with the idea of trying to sell photo prints online, I finally registered to RedBubble. I also plan to try a few other places to sell photographic prints. So RedBubble is rather easy to use. Not only can you upload your work and sell it via their print on demand market, but you can also keep a journal (like a blog). … [Read more...]

3 Little Known Websites for Backlinks

If you are looking to expand your backlink horizon, here's 3 websites you might have overlooked. All are free to join, two offer earning potential in case you want some extra money.Redgage: this one is well known if you are on squidoo. Many of us use it to get backlinks to our lenses. On RG you share links and photos and videos and earn money based on your traffic. I have … [Read more...]