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I joined RedBubble to sell my photos

After toying for months with the idea of trying to sell photo prints online, I finally registered to RedBubble. I also plan to try a few other places to sell photographic prints.

So RedBubble is rather easy to use. Not only can you upload your work and sell it via their print on demand market, but you can also keep a journal (like a blog). Not bad to promote some of your work (I still have to try the journal feature).

You can fix the amount of profit you want to make (I tested with a margin of 3000% and it was accepted). You need to find a good balance between what you want to make and the market price for similar items. Right now I am trying at 30% or 40%. We will see.

RedBubble is Australian, might be good to reach potential clients from Downunder who are reluctant to buy from US or European sites du to high shipping costs.

RedBubble also have some cool promo tools so you can share easily. Here’s their Sales Widget with some of my work. You can also display ┬ábanners featuring your art:

3 Little Known Websites for Backlinks

If you are looking to expand your backlink horizon, here’s 3 websites you might have overlooked. All are free to join, two offer earning potential in case you want some extra money.

  • Redgage: this one is well known if you are on squidoo. Many of us use it to get backlinks to our lenses. On RG you share links and photos and videos and earn money based on your traffic. I have been paid close to 150$ already. It’s one of my favorite website to earn some residual income with little work. Upload your stuff, get traffic and get paid. Links there count as backlinks. You can add links to your profile as well. Nice community, responsive staff.
  • Jamespot: Share links, write blog posts. A kind of Digg, European.
  • MyLot: Adding links to your profile is not easy, but backlink is backlink. What I do is wait until I have a dozen of pages or so, write the HTML code on a notepad and head to MyLot to add them. Here’s how: go to “profile”. Click “edit profile” (orange button on the left side of your page). Click “add content”. Pick “HTML”. Paste all your code (make sure you save a copy of it because often once you publish, you loose everything and have to try again). Make sure to hit the enter key once after you paste your code. Save. It doesn’t work all the time! that’s why you need to have a copy otherwise you waste a lot of time. You can also earn some money there by contribution to the discussions. Do not drop link! Your posts will be deleted. I don’t really take part much there, I log once a week, answer a couple of threads. But some are earning decently apparently. I never did enough to earn anything….but I have some backlinks lol.