I Ordered a Lens from GypsyOwl on Squidoo

I ordered a sale lens from GypsyOwl and I am pleased with the result and service. I do buy lenses from time to time, but it was only the third time I had one made just for me. Reason to do this? Time. I lack time. I figure out that the more lenses one has, the best result you get in term of sales. This lens will also be interlinked with my other jewelry lenses. I never plan to … [Read more...]

I Bought this Hummingbird Gifts Lens from mbrownauthor

I thought it was cute and could do well. So for 5$ I bought this lens: Hummingbird Gifts. I won't have time to do much on it before February, but it's ok, it might get a sale or two until then.I bought it from lensmaster mbrownauthor. She has a website dedicated to lens for sale here: Squidoo lenses for sale. She will also do custom orders if you need anything specific! … [Read more...]