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Magazine Closer 379: The Infamous Kate Middleton Pictures

Closer may have lost the lawsuit, but they sure did get all the exposure (excuse the pun) they wanted. As of today, the magazine was still available at newsstands and new copies were even delivered that day to make sure everyone gets their hands on it (Ok sorry, I will stop now).

5 Pages of topless Kate. Not sure what the hell she was thinking. It’s perfectly all right here in France (the magazine cover shows her breasts and no one blinks), but when you are the Duchess of Cambridge, you sure know about paparazzi?? No?

If anyone want a copy, I still have a few available (if they are sold out, you won’t be able to complete checkout anyway). Check some of my eBay accounts feedback for reassurance: fanfreluche-a-gogo or fanfreluche-collectibles

Oh and the black marks won’t be on your magazine, I added these to the scan to preserve the innocents.


My price is 19.99$ shipping included to anywhere is the world.