Squidoo vs Hubpage: Reversal of Fortune

Today while updating one of my old lens I saw some puzzling stats (at least for me): I was getting traffic to my lens FROM one of my related Hub.Believe me when I say I was shock, because never ever before did a Hub sent me any squidoo traffic. Especially that my Hubs never did that well. So I went in and check the stats on 3 Favorite Manufacturers Of Toys Not Made In … [Read more...]

Repeat after me: I will publish more

The more content we have the better chance we have to earn more. Simple. What's not simple is to get to it and actually publish new pages (on whatever platforms you prefer). So today I make a pledge: I will publish at least 2 pages a week on average. For some of you this is a ridiculously low number, but for me it will be a good challenge. Let's say that I am on a good start. … [Read more...]

After Being an Hubpages Member for over 3 Years I Finally Published my First Hub!

After 3 years of total inactivity on Hubpages, I finally published a first page there (make that two). Yes, really I did. For some reason I have never felt at home on Hubpages and was finding the platform a bit daunting. But for the "not put your eggs in the same basket" reason I decided to publish a couple of pages there. That will allow me to backlink some squidoo lenses at … [Read more...]