Scary, Cool, and Simply Awesome Jack-O-Lanterns

My Jack-O-Lanterns page has always done well in October and November since I  published it in 2009. Always tier 1 in October. I hope for the best this year too. It is currently featured on Squidoo front page, so that'll help a lot (hopefully will also help my other Halloween lenses).The page has obviously been redesigned a few time. The last redesign was a few weeks ago to … [Read more...]

Halloween and Christmas on Squidoo

It's the season again! Halloween and Christmas. Both holidays are usually good for me despite the fact that I have very few Halloween and Christmas oriented pages. I do have the usual "must have" toy pages (all of them featuring toys NOT made in China), but compare to many writers on squidoo, I don't have much to show. Still, I usually do great. So In preparation for Halloween … [Read more...]