Received my Redgage earnings today…Amazon here I come

I received my new Visa debit card from Redgage yesterday. With 50$ on it (minus the activation fees I have 47.50 remaining). Quite please with the speed. From withdrawal to card in hands it took about 2 weeks. The first time, my card took 2 months to arrived. they say they changed the card program, not sure what they meant because it's still run by WRL. This card is good for 2 … [Read more...]

Redgage for back links and revenues

Redgage is a nice platform where you can share your own photos, videos, links and blog and earn revenues from the views you get.You can also have a chance to win the daily raffle (25$ prepaid visa card).You can also earn extra revenues if your content is featured on the front page.And the most important thing of all.....every link you share on this site gets a … [Read more...]