Squidoo Tip: Twitter on a Lens Might Cost you Sales!

This is something I realized recently while updating a sale lens. This is something many lensmasters do to get click outs. This is something I was doing too until I got that light bulb moment: I, We, use Twitter Search on our lens. That is fine on most lenses. It gets click outs and click outs are good.

BUT this is an awful choice on sale lens. On a sale lens,you want to sell widget number 2. Using a twitter search for “widget number 2” will give you adequate results. The problem is that most/many of these results are in fact people linking to Amazon (or other sale pages) with their affiliate ID… these people are in fact competing directly with you. And a click out on a tweet might result in less sales for you. You certainly don’t want that much direct competition on your own page.

Here’s what I mean: This is a screenshot from my Kathe Kruse Baby Toys  lens.

twitter search on squidoo
click to enlarge

ALL but one goes directly to sales page (Amazon or others). The other one goes to a company FaceBook page that actually specialized in that kind of dolls and baby toys (indirect competition). I DO link to websites where you can find widget number 2 because it is good business to give my visitors other options (not everyone like Amazon). If you check here on my Kathe Kruse lens, I do link to websites selling that specific doll. But I choose where I link. I don’t let the random Twitter Search do it for me.

So now, I am busy removing any Twitter Search modules from my Squidoo sale lenses. Do you use Twitter Search on your sale lens. If so, maybe you should take a peek and see what kind of links it pulls!

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