Scary, Cool, and Simply Awesome Jack-O-Lanterns

My Jack-O-Lanterns page has always done well in October and November since I  published it in 2009. Always tier 1 in October. I hope for the best this year too. It is currently featured on Squidoo front page, so that’ll help a lot (hopefully will also help my other Halloween lenses).

The page has obviously been redesigned a few time. The last redesign was a few weeks ago to change the now defunct Flickr voting plexo to a regular link list plexo with images (rather neat idea, because you get the photos AND the voting. You can vote for your favorite carved pumpkin  here), and to change the caption image that was no longer under creative commons. That happens quite often, images that were available under a CC license getting switch by the owner to a copyright image. It is worth checking your images from time to time. Luckily I was able to find a similar photo at Shutterstock. I do have an “Images on Demand”  plan there and honestly I don’t regret it. Although most of my images are from CC sources, it’s nice to have access at great looking professional stock photos. If you hate the idea of having to subscribe to a plan, you can try iStockphoto: no plan needed you can just buy directly the images you need (but a plan is economical in the long run, I have a plan there too). Before you do subscribe for a plan on either of these stock photo sites, check for coupon codes, often there is one available and it will give you a little saving!

Also, both sites offer a free “photo of the week” and they are often quite interesting. And free is free!

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