Relaxing Beachcombing: Sea Glass Hunting

With my son, we went on the beach (not really a beach, but the banks of the Loire River) this morning to play and pick nice flat pebbles so he can paint on them.
paint on slates
painting on pebbles
I love walking and looking for cute pebbles,pieces of pottery or even better: sea glass and more exciting finds such as very old pieces of porcelain.
Today was a lucky day. My son found  me an amazing piece of old porcelain with a cute wahsed out blue design on it. That piece is perfect: all smooth, old, right size and a cute blue design on it. I suspect it might have been from a plate. I can make out the tail of a bird as well as some flowers. We found another piece, larger, with blue designs on it. But certainly not as cute as the first one. I might turn that into a pendant.
sea glass
Old sea porcelain pottery pieces
There is a lot of porcelain pieces to be found on the Loire’s banks, but most of the time the are plain. They do great painting pieces for my son.
Another thing that can be found in abundance is slate. Nice, well polished small pieces of jet black slate. We keep the flat ones for painting. The others are just nice to handle: so smooth!
sea glass
slate piece polished by water and wind
We also found lots of smooth, colorful pebbles and some bigger pottery pieces, fragments of vases and bowls. Harder to date, because not as strong as porcelain it probably takes less time to be smoothed by water and winds.
sea glass
Old pottery piece polished by water
Not much luck with sea glass.  Either very recent and barely polished or  too big to be cute. Such as these two bottles bottoms (I’ll find some use for them):
sea glass
Big piece of green sea glass
sea glass
sea glass
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