Pinterest BOTS, Pinterest spam and Pinterest fakes

Any one notice recently an exponential amount of fake bot accounts on Pinterest? This is nothing new, but it is taking huge proportion now. Add this to the slow action (or no action) on spam reports and you have a problem on your hand.

You might be unaware of it, but you are following spammers, lots of them probably..and you are repinning their stuff. Currently I see 3 type of spammers.

1- Bimbo accounts or the “adult oriented” ones. Easy to recognize: sexy profile pictures (think big boobs although it can be a bit more discreet. But it smell fake anyway). Follows thousands and thousands or people. Usually have either:
A) no pins at all, just the twitter link leading to an empty twitter account. Or
B) Lots of boards with pictures of bimbos leading to pins that leads the shady websites. Here’s one (name removed to protect the lowlife behind this profile and innocent victims):

Pinterest adult profiles
Pinterest bimbo: she is not hot and she is more than probably a guy. Sorry











2- Sellers of fake and counterfeit designer goods (handbags mainly): easy to spot because all their pins goes to their web of websites selling many brands of designers (all fake obviously). Pinterest seems very slow to act on these (if they act at all). Maybe a Vuitton lawsuit could speed things up. I mean it’s not like you need hours of investigation to know it’s a website selling fake goods… Counterfeit goods often help funding terrorist’s groups. No idea why Pinterest is so slow to act. If you need more reason why counterfeit is bad:
6 Reasons Not to Buy Fake Designer Handbags

3-The automated bot accounts (can run hundreds if not thousands fake bot accounts): everything is automated. They want you to click either on a link that contain their amazon ID in case you go and buy something or they lead to web pages designed to make money: paid per action, lots of ads, sign up here etc… Some are obvious, other not. They usually follow thousands of people and have no interaction EXCEPT with their other bot accounts. They will like and repin each other. With minimal work you can find many linked account. Some look legit because the black hatters took time to interact a bit with real users and may spend a few week trying to make legit accounts so they can use to promote all their other account. If you are following many accounts, chance are you follow a good deal of bots. Some of these BOT accounts are very focused on one type of product/interest. Whenever I smell a bot I don’t follow them. By following them you help them making money. plus who wants to follow a computer program? Reporting is the way to go. Of course Pinterest is pretty much unresponsive but if they get enough messages about these 3 type of accounts maybe they will start acting? Oh wait they must be over their head with the copyright infringement cases.

Just in case you want to report, and you should, here’s how: once you finally find the report button, reporting  is easy. Reporting pins on these bot account is useless because they are legit! But reporting an could will work. Here’s where:

Go the the help page here and click “submit a request” tab (
In the drop down menu select: spam/abuse and then report user
Fill in the details, the more detailed the best.

Pinterest report form










Between copyright infringement on Pinterest and the bot accounts I wonder how long it will take before drastic changes are made to the site. Hopefully spammers and scammers won’t ruin the fun for the rest of us.

Pinterest overrun by spammers and bots.

Glad I recently discovered Polyvore (yes I know I am slow. Polyvore has been online way before Pinterest).

My little Polyvore experiment: Fanfreluche on Polyvore

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