8 Free Things to Sell on eBay

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Making money from selling items on eBay doesn't always require outlaying a bunch of money.  The thought of having to fork out a couple of hundred dollars to buy inventory, list it and then hope that someone will come along and pay more for it than what you did can be daunting, particularly for anyone who is just wanting to ‘test the waters’.  Fortunately there are some things … [Read more...]

How To Put iWriter’s Cheap Writers To Use

iWriter's Cheap Writers

Yes, it may sound incredible, but iWriter's cheap writers can be useful. When you next find yourself searching for ideas, inspiration or a new angle on your niche topic, why not hire one of iWriter’s many low-cost writers to get you started.  Known for being a source of cheap writers, iWriter also has some excellent writers available if you know how to find … [Read more...]

Reselling From Charity Shops For A Profit

reselling from charity shops

If you treat your online selling as a business then you are familiar with the need to source your inventory at the best possible prices in order to achieve the highest profits. This is why charitable organization shops are popular sourcing venues for online sellers.While charitable organizations originally opened shops to provide quality goods at affordable prices for those … [Read more...]

Bubblews is Bursting

bubblews scam

Unless you are a tad naive it had to have been obvious to you that the Bubblews’ business model was just not viable.  Good on you and the rest of us who made money from it (or ‘milked it’ as I say), but you know the old adage:  If it’s too good to be true…..The only surprise I felt at the latest Bubblews announcement was that it took so long.  I mean, come on, we all saw it … [Read more...]

It Really Is Not Too Late To Design Zazzle Christmas Products

Zazzle Christmas Products

Every year I find myself falling into the same predictable pattern: in the height December, while Christmas is front and center in everyone's minds, I say to myself,"OK, next year I definitely start adding Christmas products in my Zazzle store early in the summer, so they have time to gain some momentum"; once October quickly rolls back around and it is Halloween that starts to … [Read more...]