Ladies! Put Pokemon Go At Your Service NOW!

Pokemon go powerLadies, hear me!

Pokemon Go is your friend! It’s not the enemy. You need to harness Pokemon Go power and use it the way it was intended. Listen, here’s what you need to do and why you need to do it.

1- Install Pokemon go on your hubby’s phone. that’s it. Tell him it’s ok, you do not mind AT ALL if he plays with it. Give him a few days and then this is where the plan comes together.

Start by little things. Like telling him next time he goes look for Pokemon outside can he take the trash out? Or go get some milk; drive the kids to sport practice.

Then move to bigger things (believe me, he won’t even notice)! The trees need trimming? Tell him there’s a Pokemon in the branches.

Need some vacations? Tell him that rare and ultra rare Pokemon can be find in “put your own favorite vacation spot here”, maybe we could go?

The power is yours, act now. Install Pokemon go on your hubby’s phone NOW! Turn him into your slave.

Make his life easier with these nifty gadgets:

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