My turn! Bubblews Didn’t Pay Me.. So is Bubblews A Scam After All?

For my latest post (October 2014) about Bubblews issues, Bubblews redemption update and other changes read here : Bubblews is Bursting. For my original post, read below:

Is Bubblews a scam? I wouldn’t say yes, but they did loose my confidence (that was thin to begin with)…..

On August 8th I sent out another redemption request…. and never got paid.

I haven’t posted anything new there since August 8th and was away for 3 weeks in August so I was not active at all on Bubblews. When I came back from holidays, I saw the missing payment so I logged in and sent them an email. It got ignored. I sent another one today but I don’t hold my breath. You know what they say: “when it’s too good to be true……” ( actually my first ever Bubblews “bubble” was pretty much saying that: Bubblews view by a newbie: copyright and money paid).
Is Bubblews a scam? Far too many people are not getting paid and I am not talking about those who partake in like exchanges, mass Twitter spam (via multiple accounts and bots), nor those who post stolen content. I am talking about serious online writers with good content that brings Google traffic. I am talking about honest writers, who follows the rules to a T. Sure there are many who didn’t get paid for a reason, but many are not getting paid for no reason at all. Unless I was right in my first Bubblews bubble: they don’t have the money to pay everyone so they don’t. Like the lottery you might or not get paid…. Or like the vast majority of those PTC (paid to click) sites.

So back to me and my account ( (Update November 1 2013: I deleted most of my article there, no point giving them free traffic. Most of my content have been/will be post elsewhere)

– All my posts are over 400 characters

– I rarely, if ever, tweet my stuff so I don’t get 1000 of bot’s views like so many

– I don’t partake in like/comment exchange (yep there are a few “rings” going on in Bubblews)

– I don’t “like” a bubble if I don’t like it, sorry if it’s crap it’s crap and I won’t encourage you.. you are not bringing external traffic with your spam.

– I never posted more than 10 bubbles a day..heck I rarely post more than 5

– All my articles are 100% by me, not stolen from someone on the net

– And guess what? I also use images I actually got the right to use (but i doubt this is an issue with Bubblews, I see many people claiming they got paid with stolen images all over their posts).

– Oh and I am paypal verified.

So right now I bring money and traffic to Bubblews . I do know I get external traffic because money in the bank keeps growing nicely and it’s not from internal traffic/ likes/comments because I am no longer active there (since a month) and a quick glance shows very little internal action from the community. So why should I write for free?

I have a copy of all my interesting bubbles and unless I get paid I will remove them from Bubblews and post them elsewhere. I’ll leave the fluff that don’t pull outside traffic and the Bubblews related posts. and then when I reach next payout I will redeem…. and wait. I don’t intend to post anything new until I get paid and if I get paid I will no longer put good stuff there but will only put 400 words fluff. Until Bubblews proves viable (that is yet to be seen).

Am I mad? Nope I wasn’t even expecting to be paid the first time but I was. Did I loose time/money? Nope, if I make an average over the summer, It took me less than 2 minutes a day. And my content is not lost either because I can post it elsewhere.

But I find the lack of communication annoying and it won’t help Bubblews in the future. A friend of mine from Squidoo ( who has high writing standard and ethics is also missing 2 payments and is not having any luck with communication either.

Oh and I kinda lied when I say I didn’t post anything since August 8th: I did post a bubble about me not getting paid, strangely they were real fast yanking it…wish they’d pay that fast.

They could have used the opportunity of that bubble to answer clearly. The fact that they deleted instead of replying and engaging discussion is not positive at all.

I suppose that mean I will never get paid anyway, because they probably have black listed me for speaking up (my second email was not rude but quite to the point as well).

So what have been your experience so far? Is Bubblews a scam? A big bubble that will soon burst?

bubblews scam


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  1. says

    I think I’ll follow your steps and add my own Bubblews post as well. I’m waiting as of now for 2 payments. The first 3 were paid right away within 4 days. Since then, nothing. Like you, I haven’t broken any rules – unless writing about alternative healing methods is something that their advertisers are not paying for (dunno why I have this feeling, maybe I’m wrong). I’ll wait and keep bombarding them with emails, but I won’t hold my breath. I guess there goes my $50.

    • fanfreluche says

      2 emails here too and they know about the problem since they must have read my bubble before they deleted it. Apparently a lot of August payment are “missing”. Bubblews victim of its own success?

  2. Joanne says

    So far I have been paid every time, and it’s 11 redemptions so far. I have always said it’s not viable long term. Not paying well respected writers hardly gives me more confidence. I will keep writing there until the payments stop.

    I had been intending to write more search engine friendly posts, but having read that, probably won’t worry too much about that.

    Sorry to hear this.

    • says


      Keep working on it and get as much as you can while they still pay you. And I agree tho, keep your “good” stuff for another website.
      Good luck and keep me posted!

  3. says

    I have been paid myself for redemptions 1 to 7, was not paid for number 8 and got my money for number 9. So I wouldn’t call it a scam (as it does pay some people at least) but I agree they have payment issues.

    • Nathalie Roy says

      I think their payments goes through a draw: if you are lucky you can paid, if not…tough luck!
      Good luck and keep me posted. I am removing some of my content there, but will leave the fluff and see if I get paid at the next redeem

  4. Joanne says

    Not paying honest people would indicate either they are being dishonest themselves or they lack enough revenue to pay everyone. A lot of the posts there are personal stuff like where they went shopping that day, or how bored they are and don’t know what to say, and other things that will never get external traffic.

    The fact that they actually encourage this type of fluff does not bode well in the long term. Every site needs external traffic to survive. We all know that from Squidoo.

    I made another redemption request yesterday, which should be due on Monday. Will see how it goes.

    • Nathalie Roy says

      Good luck with your latest redemption. I did remove 21 of my posts today and sent the form so google remove them from cache so I can use them elsewhere. Some of them were the “meatier” kind of posts and they are definitely going to add value somewhere else. I left the remaining posts that are mostly small blurbs and will let them there until I reach next redeem just in case…

      • Deerhunter says

        Where does one find the form to get Google to remove deleted pieces from their cache? I think that’s the same strategy I’ll take if Bubblews stops paying: remove my good pieces, leave some fluff up there, and save the good ones for use elsewhere. by the way, nobody has to say “oh well, there goes my $50.” Bubblews is legally obligated to pay you for pieces you wrote in good faith, and from which they made money. It’s just a matter of when, and how.

    • Nathalie Roy says

      The problem is that Bubblews doesn’t have to cash flow to pay everyone, period. So they are not paying everyone. You may get lucky for a while and then they’ll miss a payment. I don’t think they are a scam, but their business model is NOT VIABLE.

  5. says pays few people just to show that they are paying but the fact that they are deleting the accounts which is near redemption is not acceptable. Bubblews earns through ads impression and views which the users brings but at the end, there accounts were deleted and bubblews gets all the credit. Please share this fan page [ ]to reveal bubblews’s true identity and that is to scam people. Thanks

    • Nathalie Roy says

      I won’t go as far as saying Bubblews a scam because I don’t think their intention is to scam people, but they are certainly not a safe place to earn money in the long run.

  6. I Was Foolish says

    Bubblews is hit or miss. I was paid on time every time but it appears they’ve a cash flow problem. A friend I know whose post went ‘viral’ was told by HQ that they’ll “make payments” to her. They paid TWO and then nothing. I was very happy until my larger payout was met with an email saying, “we can’t pay you right now; wait until . . . .”
    Are you kidding?
    The mistake I made was not cashing out at $25. By waiting, I hurt myself.

    They can pay THREE people and make THREE people happy versus my ONE payment. It’s like this: If you had $75 and four bills to pay: 3 are for $25 and one is for $75. Who would you pay? Would you rather have 3 bill collectors calling you or just one? This is how they decide WHO gets paid; they pay the smaller redemptions and satisfy MOST of the people –leaving the larger payouts unpaid.

    Some writers have been met with a juvenile response to their inquiry that reads, “Give us TIME to do our jobs.” Is this site being run by snarky teenagers?

    They’ve DEFINITE cash flow problems. If you write for them, THEIR problems become YOUR problems.

    Make your own opinion but you’ve been warned.

    • Nathalie Roy says

      yes I read about the viral post (on squidn forum) and bubblews was very dishonest in the way they deal with her payment: promise her to pay and then ignore her. Not surprised but still very dishonest.

  7. Cat says

    In the end, it will become a legal battle. They are misrepresenting how much you can earn and not paying money earned. If mine gets high enough, you can be sure as hell that I will sue for it. That’s what everyone who is legitimately missing payments should jump on board with; they do owe that money. There is no way around it.

  8. says

    I’m one of the lucky ones who has been paid every time that I’ve redeemed (5 times). I don’t expect that to last though. I’m only writing “fluff” articles as well. You know what they say about if something looks too good to be true….

  9. says

    As I know you know, Bubblews still owes me about $400 for a post that went viral on Facebook. They sent me the first $100 at the end of September acknowledging that they owed me the money and wanted to set up a payment schedule for it…I responded to them…never heard back further. Meanwhile I have since gotten smaller redemptions fine, but never received any further communications on the large payment I was due from 2 days of high traffic.

    You know, I could almost write it off as being a fluke case that they just weren’t bankrolled for. If they’d been up front about it. But to be told “We would like to have a payment schedule for your large redemption” and then never get any further response? I don’t trust the site for anything more than “what I ate for breakfast” posts at this point.

    • Nathalie Roy says

      Two things rub me wrong with your case:

      1- They lied. This is a big one. They didn’t just ignore you, they lied. I believe they did it so you keep writing while you wait for your payment (I mean you bring them a lot of traffic…).

      2- : they are actually sending message that great writers, good articles that actually brings in real traffic are not worth being paid.

  10. I Was Foolish says

    I’m seeing a major disaster in the making if Bubbs doesn’t change tactics. The old adage, “grow slow, learn fast” needs to be their mantra. Far too many people are writing junk and being paid for it while others, as mentioned here, go without a word about their earnings. Something must be done–PRONTO–lest the big bubble pop.

    I feel they’re taking advantage of the disadvantaged, here. A lot of ‘writers’ (I’m using the term loosely for some) are from impoverished areas of the globe; they’ll continue to write despite several missed payments. In their minds they can’t afford not to.

    I think the new advertisers they’ve got going on (borderline soft porm) is calling some of the shots with posts being pulled. It’s scary to think they’ve resorted to the current ads; they’re a reflection of major cash flow problems, as I’m sure not a lot of platforms allow those subject matters/visuals on their site. Perhaps they pay Bubbs a bigger chunk o’ change than, say, a margarine ad would command.

    Their youth is evident in their responses – or lack thereof – to us writers. They really need some guidance.

    • Nathalie Roy says

      The new advertising (those at the bottom of the pages) are extremely spammy and low quality (and as you said borderline porm). There is no way I’d have ads like this near any of my content!

  11. says

    I am reading so many posts about Bubblews not paying and mine is an identical story.. I followed all the T.O.S to the letter, got paid the first time and thought, what a great site, but then second redemption failed, with no response to e-e-mails I sent about 4 of them.. Fortunately I have always felt that is better to have my earnings in my Paypal account rather than building up on any pay-to site so I always cash in at the lowest possible payment, so I have only lost the $25. Suddenly today, I felt outraged, not so much for my money, because I can take the hit, but for those on the site that I know are struggling to try and get a few extra bucks and end up working hard for nothing. I have deleted all but my last post on there which they may delete now because it’s subject is about not getting paid! Hopefully they will throw me off because apart from sending me yet another e-mail, there seems to be no way to delete my account.

  12. says

    Actually I experienced to be paid by Bubblews for 18th times and that is really helps me a lot,but after a while I experienced delays and missing payments,but when I email them they did reply that they will check that first and all but I am still hoping for the payment as what they had promised.

    • Nathalie Roy says

      Jane, some people get paid for a while and then it stops: missing payment, no payments and of course either canned responses or no response at all ffrom Bubblews. Hope you get paid, but I am skeptical

  13. Vic says

    I joined Bubblews in good faith on July 30, 2013, but, as it turns out, it is indeed a scam. What website could afford to pay ALL its contributors $0.01 per interaction, anyway? How stupid of me to have believed it!

    This is my experience of Bubblews:

    Yesterday (November 30, 2013), I deleted all of my Bubblews posts because Bubblews had been earning from them, but had never paid me a cent. I awaited three redemptions dating back to September 9, 2013. I’m rather angry, since I didn’t break any of the rules (my check-list reads the same as yours above): even every photo I ever published was completely my own, taken with my own camera especially for whichever post it was intended to illustrate. The money made from this work has subsequently been pocketed by Bubblews.

    I went through all the appropriate and recommended channels in order to claim payment, but to no avail. Bubblews ignored my each and every email.

    It would have made sense had Bubblews unpublished my posts and deleted my account. It would have meant I’d done something wrong. But, until yesterday, my account remained, my posts remained, and Bubblews continued to profit from them.

    What I most loathe about what Bubblews is doing, is how it gets contributors’ hopes up, then leaves them bitterly disappointed by breaking its promise of payment. Even worse, it’s a complete waste of people’s time and energy. These people, who had contributed in good faith, could have (actually) earned elsewhere during the time they were writing for Bubblews.

    I have reported Bubblews to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center for fraud, and, working for several print and online publications, have begun to publicize my experience.

    If you are a victim of the Bubblews scam, you can report Bubblews to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3 here: The information required about Bubblews–at least that requested on the form–can be found here: The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center accepts complaints from all over the world, and the more people who do complain, the better!

    The most surprising thing about this scam is that Google Adsense allows itself to be involved—Google Adsense is Bubblews’ main source of income. Of course, this income wouldn’t be possible without the people who have been invited to contribute to Bubblews’ website under false pretences—that in itself is a criminal offence.

    • Nathalie Roy says

      I know a few other people who also used the IC3 report. Not sure if it can help, but if enough people file then who knows.

      And yes, 1 cent per interaction (internal traffic mainly) is unsustainable

  14. Paul says

    Fom my own experience, Bubblews are a scam. My first redemption of $25 was ignored by the site. They wouldn’t send me any money, nore would they respond to any of my emails regarding it.

    They even ignored my email to request a deletion of my account.

    I left the site and got on with other things for a coulple of months. When I returned and logged back in, I seen that I had another $25 earnings in my account, so I hit the redeem button again.

    Same story, no payment and no contact after sending more than ten emails over a period of three weeks.

    If you value your own time then I’d suggest keeping well away from Bubblews.

    The owner is ignorant, untrustworthy, and what he does disgusts me.

    He will eventually reap what he has sown.

  15. says

    Despite of not having broken any rules, I have not got any payment from Bubblews. They owe me $75 plus. I wrote to them several times, but did not get any response. As far as I know, Bubblews pays some users and do to pay the rest.

    • Nathalie Roy says

      yep, classic Bubblews behavior. They don’t have money to pay everyone, so in the end it’s the luck of the draw.

  16. says

    It is interesting isn’t it, the same games continue there? Sooner or later you would think they would run out of writers to not pay, eventually the well should go dry I would think. With bad word of mouth like this, perception is reality. I saw the writing on the wall and bailed a while back, and honestly the amount work that went into it “in my case” wasn’t worth the meager pay anyway.

    • Nathalie Roy says

      You and me bailed out with little to no damage, some are less lucky and have spend countless of time there. And with the new 50$ minimum payment, it means more work before you “might” get paid….

  17. I Was Foolish says

    I plan on taking action filing the FBI complaint and here’s (the latest) why:
    I wrote articles (called bubbles) actively for about 6 months. Very few are the
    “fluff” variety. I would report plagiarizers, interacted and connected with over
    2,000 ‘bubblers’ (writers).

    That said, Arvind (Bubblews ‘CEO’) sent me an email promising payment of $85+
    my highest redemption amount. Foolishly, I continued writing quality posts and engaging
    with fellow bubblers.

    After more than two months of no response I wrote again and received an email that
    claimed a ‘ticket’ (the NEW magic word for nonpayment delay) was processed and they
    were still ‘working on it’ and that “further spamming for payment will NOT speed the process.”

    Fed up, I wrote my final email and was met with a “VIOLATION, we can’t pay you” response
    where I was accused of “system abuse; begging for comments.” They referred to my post on
    (ironically, enough) legitimate work at home sites where I said, “What do you think? Please leave a comment.”

    What about THAT is begging? I merely wanted to know readers’ thoughts; that’s what good bloggers do.

    Arvind also referred to a “double posting” where one of my posts was posted twice That’s not MY problem; it’s THEIR system. How does one post an article twice at the same time?

    So, despite being a site watchdog, writing quality posts, and referring people to the site–not to mention my TIME, the money I was PROMISED is promptly history (as it always was but now, it’s official).

    I can’t believe that Arvind et al. can’t see the bubble is getting ready to burst. If you watch the intro video, it depicts what’s really going on: writers are on a conveyor belt; they move in, don’t get paid and three or so unsuspecting people take their place, write until they don’t get paid and on and on . . ..

    Boy, I feel so foolish having spent my time on Bubblews. Am I bitter? No, I’m angry at myself for not bailing when the first payment went MIA.

    • Nathalie Roy says

      Oh sorry, another one bites the dust.
      Surprised? nope, but still I feel bad when I hear these stories. Don’t feel stupid, we have all been there and were, for most part, scammed by Bubblews.
      Your story is similar to another that I heard (and I trust the source 100%). She had a post go viral (she doesn’t write “fluff” and she is known in her niche). She made a couple of hundreds. They promise to pay her, but not all at once. It was suppose to be scheduled payments. She only receive the first one hundred of several they owned her.

      I hope you’ll be saving your posts, have them removed from Goggle cache and use them on your own blog! No points in leaving posts on Bubblews!

  18. sandy says

    Nice blog and good topic. I left bubblews, although I was getting paid, because it concerned me that some of my peers weren’t getting paid. That bothered me on a metaphysical level. It’s been my experience in life that if someone is being treated badly one day it could be you.

    I couldn’t see anything wrong with my peer’s posts. That said, I realized that many people continue to bubble as long as they aren’t personally affected.

    However, once they miss a payment they bad mouth bubblews. As long as people bubble when things are going right for them and not take a stand for those who aren’t receiving payment, the bubblews model will continue on. I hope things get better there. To be fair, there has been some indication that the site is trying to makeup for the lost goodwill.

    That all said, I continue now and then to visit some writers posts because I like them.

    One day I casually looked at a couple of posts by people who are on a break from posting because they haven’t heard from bubblews or received payment. I discovered that they were breaking some rules(and don’t know it). The biggest rule breaker is that of “images.” Some people will write that the photo was received from one or two sites and it turns out that those sites do not have legitimate photos.

    One site said they have royalty free photos if the photographer lists that on the photo; but the photographer doesn’t.

    Several good bubblers are constructing their own images from a combo of photo elements from different sites. (sites they “think” have free images) While they list the sites, when you go to the site it isn’t clear where those images come from. Most people want to read good posts; images are fun when they are “personal.” I would stay away from these image sites.(many of these sites when you read the TOS closely don’t guarantee that the images don’t belong to someone else)

    I wanted to respond to your post in case someone finds this message and they’re thinking about leaving bubblews. The best thing to try as a last ditch effort, especially if you know your bubbles are good, is to get rid of images and use a word paint self made banner at the top with your name on it and/or your own personal picture or image from home.

    Until you become a pro (and even many pros get stuck with images which are under copyright) don’t do image posts.

    There’s another lady on bubblews and she hasn’t been paid. I checked her profile which leads to a social media site and she has been cloaking her links: instead of listing her post url link as bubblews, she has disguised the bubblews part with some other name.

    Then there is the issue with people who are using links to their blogs.( it just came out recently that you can show your website or blog at the profile heading that says website. But other than that, don’t put it in your post.

    Now I can hear ya. Why don’t they tell you all these things up front? and why are the bubblews rules constantly changing? That’s a good question. But again if you are wondering about how to do bubblews given this changing environment, it is best to do a post (from your own words) and keep it simple(don’t link the post to anything) and make your own image at the head of your post. Use lots of white space in between paragraphs for ease of reading.

    Thank you for letting me use this space to share my feelings. I hear ya about leaving bubblews. But for anyone reading this having second thoughts about trying it again, I hope these tips will help.

    Also, if you are on bubblews, consider indicating how you’d like to be reached on your profile. Sometimes people visit your post and they may see an obvious error but they don’t know how to contact you off the bubblews server. Perhaps make up an email just to get external feedback on your posts.

    Good luck everyone.

    • Nathalie Roy says

      I am glad to know Bubblews is acting on copyrighted images theft. That’s a good thing. But still, most people I know who are not paid, are not breaking any rules. I think the best way to use Bubblews is to milk it as long as it last but never put your good content on there! And backup all your posts so you don’t loose your work.

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your insight!

      • sandy says

        You’re welcome. Do you have any suggestions for those who have left bubblews along with their content?

        Thanks again for this blog.

      • Nathalie Roy says

        Always back up all your good posts (not the “what I had for breakfast” ones). If you quit Bubblews, remove all your posts and then head to Google webmaster tool. For each article you plan to use on another site or, better yet, your own, make sure you submit a “remove from cache” here that way as soon as it no longer shows in search you can use your articles again whitout any risk of dup penalty.

  19. tony says

    I was amused that some BLOGs are “interviewing” these cheats the four founders of BUBBLEWS as if they were another facebook Moghul in making……rofl

  20. says

    Hi Natalie – I didn’t even realize that you had been writing there at one point! I just found this post and the amount of people that aren’t getting paid is truly shocking!

    I was a HUGE supporter of the site at one time (I even wrote a book about it) and I am now removing my content. Seeing writers being treated like that is very disheartening. Unfortunately, it is not the only site that thinks of writers as just a small part of their business model.

    That is why my friend Michelle and I decided to create two sites that would have a pay-per-view model. One,, is similar to Bubblews in that it is casual and fun (although there are a lot less personal posts than at Bubblews) with a small word count minimum. But we encourage people to add value to their small posts with videos, quizzes, polls, reviews, and other interesting things. The other site is and it has a more serious tone. Articles can but fun and entertaining but the word minimum is 400 words.

    Our goal was to create sites that made writers feel valued. We try to do that by providing them with tools to make their article have more value and by being very interactive with our writers in the FB groups and in the Forum (we’ve just rebuilt it so it is rather empty at the moment). We also give our writers inspiration through lists of trending topics and keywords that they can use.

    Would love to have you (and anyone else that is looking for a home for their writing) check it out. We’ve got some fabulous perks and we hold contests often.


    • Nathalie Roy says

      Danielle, is among my bookmark, because I want to give it a go, but really lack time at the moment. The idea is great, and I would feel safer/better writing there because you really have some editorial control over what is posted. The “anythings goes until we catch you” policy they have at Bubblews is not a good long term strategy, and I am really surprise they still have their adsense account…

  21. says

    “The fact that they deleted instead of replying and engaging discussion is not positive at all.”

    Hi Danielle! That was exactly what happened when I took the risk of tagging Arvind to my post and it was not the full story even *slander and bullying are even in the story and I am the victim.

    Even their mods are writing – which is against the old and new TOU! Which makes me think it is not only Arvind who is crooked! I will expose them and there will be about 40 pics in my post this coming 16th Aug. Your page will be mentioned.

    God bless!

  22. says

    I’m currently a Bubbler of six months, and while I can assure you, Bubblews is surely not the second coming of Christ as someone sarcastically mentioned, I don’t believe they’re a scam either. The payment issues are directly related to the phenomenal growth and their inability to keep ahead of the scammers, spammers and website violators looking for easy money. Legitimate earners are being paid and even past accounts are being brought current.

    In addition to being a satisfied Bubbler, I run two blogs about the Bubblews, as a means to provide others with full disclosure and screenshots, showing proof of payments.

    I make a point to continue searching the web to challenge negative posts about Bubblews, OR to be enlightened by information I didn’t know. I came to this post to see if it provided anything more than sour grapes. Readers could easily surmise that the writers of this pretend Bubblews revelation merely wanted a little “me time” for their two new sites.

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