I Ordered a Lens from GypsyOwl on Squidoo

I ordered a sale lens from GypsyOwl and I am pleased with the result and service. I do buy lenses from time to time, but it was only the third time I had one made just for me. Reason to do this? Time. I lack time. I figure out that the more lenses one has, the best result you get in term of sales. This lens will also be interlinked with my other jewelry lenses. I never plan to do jewelry pages but a nice jewelry page sure can help getting some sales. So now I have some pretty ones.

So I ordered a basic product lenses (about octopus jewelry) + and an extra 200 words of original content. Here it is: Unique Octopus jewelry Designs Boutique. I love octopus by the way and I think it’s an original sale lens.

If you want Deb (GypsyOwl on Squidoo) to make a page for you you can have a look at her lens building service here: Pre-Ordered Lens at a Pre-Made Price. She is great to work with, I highly recommend her.

My next purchase from here will be a “lensography” type of page to feature my niche sale lenses. See her page if you want to order this. I saw one of those niche lensography she did and it’s amazing.

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