How To Put iWriter’s Cheap Writers To Use

iWriter's Cheap Writers
Yes, cheap articles can be useful. Here’s how I use iWriter’s cheap writers

Yes, it may sound incredible, but iWriter’s cheap writers can be useful.

When you next find yourself searching for ideas, inspiration or a new angle on your niche topic, why not hire one of iWriter’s many low-cost writers to get you started.  Known for being a source of cheap writers, iWriter also has some excellent writers available if you know how to find them.


Critics often state that hiring one of iWriter’s cheap writer is a waste of money and as the old adage states ‘You get what you pay for’.  To a certain point I have to agree.  If you are looking for high quality ready-to-publish content for your main blogs or money site, the basic level, cheapest iWriter articles are a waste of time.


At the lowest cost level you are very likely to be presented with unreadable, spun crap written by people who English is a second or third language.  You will lose valuable time attempting to decipher, rejecting and submitting the article request over and over again until, if you are fortunate enough, you have your article written by a new, quality writer who is trying to establish their reputation on the site.


That being said, if you are looking for ideas or opinions, or just a raw, basic article that can be expanded upon by yourself or a higher quality writer, then these basic writers can be useful.  Let’s say you want to publish a post about the Top 10 Gifts for Great Grandmothers with a Passion for Kickboxing.  You know the niche is not adequately covered and there is great potential for affiliate sales, but you are stuck as to what to write because what kick-boxing Grandmas like is something you know nothing about.  This is where the value of iWriter becomes evident. Submit your request (10 Gift Ideas for Kick-boxing Grandmas); get 3 or 4 cheap $1.25 articles written and for around 5 bucks you end up with some good ideas and the basis for your post.  You can then go ahead and hire a quality writer to turn those short articles into a comprehensive and informative post, or if you prefer write the post yourself.


You can also request longer, more comprehensive articles to be written for cheap, with various points of view / ideas that may just be what you need to get started.  Once in a while you may even be extremely lucky and get your article written by someone who really knows how to write a quality article, though at the basic level, this is very rare.


Please note that I am not suggesting you reject the cheap articles when you are buying them expressly for the ideas contained in them.  I have never rejected an ‘ideas article’ when using this method.  To do so is in my opinion unprofessional and dishonest.  I have, however, rejected sub-par crap articles when I hired writers to write articles that I intended to go directly onto my website.  But that is another story.


iWriter is great for the ideas method because it is cheap.  You can get a 150 word article for as little as $1.25 and a 300 word article will cost you around $2.00.  At those prices it allows you to get a number of articles on your topic that can then be condensed and refined into a quality article or post (written by yourself or your favorite ghost writer) that you would be proud to publish on your blog or site.

While iWriter may not be the first choice of many bloggers and website owners for getting articles written it can be worthwhile for others.  Why not give it a try and decide for yourself whether iWriter belongs on your list of resources.

I have been using iWriter for a couple of years now and I have found excellent writers there (you really need to be patient to find those gems tho). I also been using the iWriter’s cheap writers to give me ideas or kick start a project. Using these for anything else is a waste of time.

I hope this was helpful. And note that this method can be use on other content providing sites, not just iWriter. Here’s the link to request content on iWriter.

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