How To Add Unique Amazon Tracking ID To Your Squidoo Lenses (Or Any Other Pages)

Yesterday, lensmaster AJ Ashley started a thread on Facebook about using unique Amazon ID to track your lenses performance. I started doing this recently and I am slowly in the process of adding a unique tracking to each of my (many) lenses. It’s a long job because I have way too many lenses. But it makes a lot of sens.

This allows you to pin point exactly which lenses bring the clicks and the sales. Obviously it takes time to change all those links but it is well worth it. You can have a nice overview of Amazon performance on your lenses by using the  Tracking ID Summary report:

Amazon tracking ID Summary report (click to enlarge)

Here’s how to do it (with screenshots too!):

1- Log into your Amazon affiliate dashboard.

2- Locate on the left navigation “tracking ID box” and click “manage”:

How to add an Amazon tracking ID

3-On the manage page, click “add a tracking ID” :

Add tracking ID to Amazon

4- Type a tracking ID you would like to have and click search:

pick your tracking ID

5- Click use selected to have this ID added to your bank of Amazon ID’s:

You new Amazon ID!

6-Congratulations! You have a new Amazon tracking ID:

Your new shiny Amazon tracking ID

Now whenever you make an Amazon link, just pick the correct ID in the drop down menu like this:

How to use your Amazon tracking ID

For older links you wish to change to new tracking ID, you don’t need to re-do the links from scratch! Just edit the links directly on your Squidoo page and replace the old ID with the new.

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  1. Mary Norton says

    I have been lazy to do this but now I can’t immediately see where the sale is from. It was okay when I never had sales but now that am picking up with a flew sales lenses, this tracking is useful.

    • fanfreluche says

      You can still use your own Amazon links on Squidoo. They count towards your 20 limits. If you use a pic and a link then it counts as 2 links so keep that in mind when adding them, it’s easy to go over the 20 limit

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