Gifts For Bloggers And Internet Marketers

Gifts for Bloggers & Internet Marketers…. Gift Ideas that Don’t Suck

There are some who’d say that tech geeks are the hardest people to shop for. Those who say that probably prefer clearing off their shopping list at Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle, or any other major retailer of nice gifts that require no personal thought.

Sure, I can suggest a few equivalent alternatives, such as:

And without question, your gift is sure to be appreciated a little bit. But if you want to give an awesome gift to a blogger or internet marketer, put some thought into it.

What the heck, I did that for you! I produced this list of what we really want. So here’s a great list of gifts for bloggers:

Tablet $$$ (high end gifts for bloggers)

If you don’t mind spending a decent amount of cash, then a tablet is the best gift ever for any blogger or internet marketer… providing they don’t already own one of course.

Now there’s a wide range of prices to choose from, but the biggest deciding factor should be brand and or operating system.

The three major choices here are the ipad, the kindle (check out the hot and new Kindle Fire HDX) or basically any Android based tablet… such as the Nexus. But this is a very serious gift to give, and should not be done without consulting the recipient to determine preferences regarding size, programs, and other important features.

In other words… great gift to give but not as a surprise!

Gift Cards & Credit for Stuff That Will Make Our Lives Easier $, $$, or $$$ (gifts for bloggers in all price range)

You choose the price, but here’s what will be most appreciated:

Credit for stock photos! Pictures really jazz up any blog post or marketing campaign, so credits on a stock photo site (such as iStockphoto or Shutterstock) is sure to be well received. Make sure you check out for coupon codes before buying, you’ll get more for your money! You can set up an account, buy the credits and give the login to the recipient. He’ll then have access to free quality stock photos!

Article Writing Services! Consider this a paid day off for your blogger friend. You should expect to spend at least $20/article if you want to give a gift, not a headache. (Buying cheap or low quality content is worse than giving fruitcake that slaps you in the face.) Offer to upload funds on your giftee’s favorite content provider site (if he has one already), or make a new account, add the funds and provide the login access. Here’s a few suggestions: iWriter, HireWriters,   Odesk, Constant Content, Elance, People Per Hour

Graphic Design Services! Again, this could be the equivalent of giving a paid day off. Better yet, it could help with a new logo, branding makeover, or even a simple ad that will ultimately bring in more business. However its’ used, don’t expect to get anything worthwhile from a quality graphic designer for dirt cheap.

Professional WordPress Theme or Plugin Developer License! Just like with the tablets, give the recipient notice and ask for preferences because WordPress themes are very special to internet marketers. Suggestions include credit for Woothemes, Thesis, or iThemes. (The Builder framework is great for beginning web developers!) For plugins, try PluginBuddy or WPMU/DEV. All these options make great gifts for bloggers, just pick one or mix and match (articles and pics, or a WP theme and a plugin)

Text Recognition Software $-$$

It’s a no brainer- text recognition software increases productivity by 50% or more, by reducing the need to type. Dragon Naturally Speaking is a nice choice.

Trip to Spa / Massage $$ (fun and relaxing gifts for bloggers)
When you work on the computer for a long period of time, your back may start to hurt.

If you are a blogger or internet marketer, you work on the computer for loooooooong periods of time.

So treat your friend to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation with a trip to the spa, or at least a massage. Trust me, I know what you’re thinking… a gift card to the chiropractor just isn’t the same though.However…

Quality Office Chair $$

A top of the line, executive chair provides extra comfort and works proactively to keep those pesky back problems at a minimum.

Boogie Board $$

This LCD tablet offers an environmentally friendly, mess free way to jot down notes or doodle during meetings. The perfect solution for a techie with a cluttered desk! We recommend the large boogie board because it is rechargeable and can store multiple “pages” which can be uploaded to a computer via USB.

For a cheaper alternative, you can get a much simpler Boogie Board. It doesn’t save any notes so once you erase the screen, it’s gone. Forever. It lasts for approximately 50,000 erases, and is in a variety of fun colors.

Notebook & Pens $ (Really affordable gifts for bloggers)

Possibly the most inexpensive gift you can give that will be greatly appreciated by the blogger or internet marketer in your life: more notebooks to preserve brilliance, and pens to do it with. However… it is imperative you choose quality pens. Think Bic, Pilot, or Sharpie. Ask if there’s a preference… most creative individuals are rightfully particular about their writing utensils!

I do hope we’ve help you out in choosing some gifts for bloggers!

image credit: istockphoto

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