Check Who Left You A Bad DSR On eBay

How To Easily Check Who Left You A Bad DSR On eBay

Even if you are viewed by many as the perfect seller, and you rarely/never receive just 1 or 2 stars from customers, you’ll probably get this message from eBay sooner or later: 

Thanks for being a great seller. eBay has protected your seller performance status.
You received multiple low detailed seller ratings or claims from a small number of buyers, which is inconsistent with your excellent performance on eBay. We have excluded these ratings from consideration in your performance evaluation.” 

This happens to me every once in a while and it is frustrating because the story is always the same: it was a low cost item that was shipped within one day, at the exact postage cost and with an email to confirm shipping, but there was no communication from buyer regarding a problem.  These are the grumpy (to be nice) buyers. Fortunately, most buyers are nice and decent people. 

eBay may have you believing that everything is anonymous these days, and that it is therefore impossible to keep track of who left you bad DSR to protect yourself, but this is not the case at all. While it is true that the site is limiting user options and they do appear to be making it harder to check out other buyers’ behavior – such as the recent decision to remove the ability to view previous purchases – you can still check the DSR that has been left for a specific transaction and use it to your advantage. For example, research into my own DSRs and feedback left by those users for other sellers was very telling, because of their use of soft positive comments and negative critiques disguised as positives, and this led me to take action to protect myself against future transactions from these buyers.

Monitoring ratings is possibly the last resort, for protecting yourself against problem buyers.

Despite eBay’s attempt to create anonymity and limit options, there is still one last chance to protect yourself from those negative buyers that will otherwise ruin your top rated seller status and power seller discount. By following these tips, you too can track those impossible to please buyers. The 1 stars and 2 stars givers, that no matter what will never be happy. Make sure you spot them before they are back into your store! You don’t need them as customers!

Steps to check who left you a bad DSR On eBay

#1 – use transactions to create a perfect base. 

The first step here is to pick 10 transactions where you are sure of 5 stars across the board and copy down the transaction IDs. These IDs can either be one example from ten positive buyers or ten separate purchases from one reliable buyer. From there, go into your seller dashboard, find the “see your report” link and click on it to create a new report (fig. 1).

Check Who Left You A Bad DSR On eBay
Fig. 1 You’ll find the link on the right side of your seller dashboard.


 Then select “item numbers” from the drop down menu and add your 10 pre-selected transaction ids, separated by commas. Finally, give it a title and click run! This usually only takes a few minutes so you can refresh the page until you see your report is ready to view (Fig. 2 and 3). 


Check Who Left You A Bad DSR On eBay
Fig. 2 Pick “item numbers”


Check Who Left You A Bad DSR On eBay
Fig.3 Fill in your items numbers and run report.

Now, one of two things will happen here: either you were lucky in picking your transactions and you got your “perfect 10” straight away (you got 5 stars everywhere) or one of the ratings was a little off and this meant the final rating fell short. Keep trying with different transactions until you have this “perfect 10” list and then save it for future reference. 

Check Who Left You A Bad DSR On eBay
Fig.4 Your Perfect 10: 5 stars across board

#2 – once you have your perfect, 5/5 base, use it to your advantage!

Once you are sure that you have a base with a perfect score you can use this as a template for comparisons. By changing or adding one transaction to the list you will be able to see if you were given  bad DSR because if you no longer have 5 stars on the four elements, you will know that this particular buyer hit you with a low rating. To do this, use the drop down menu next to your report and select “run similar”. Then add the transaction id you want to check to your “perfect 10”. Run report. Wait a bit and check result (Fig. 5).

Check Who Left You A Bad DSR On eBay
Fig.5 Grumpy buyer alert

From there you can expand the rating distribution link to see what star ratings you were given. Remember that 1 and 2 stars are damaging! So pay attention to the link distribution (Fig 6). 

Check Who Left You A Bad DSR On eBay
Fig.6 Time for BBL

If you have 1’s and 2’s, and the buyer left positive feedback, report them to eBay. Remember, the more sellers that report them, the better the chance that the buyer will take note and that they’ll get warnings or even suspensions. The few DSR “dingers” I’ve come across have a long track of doing this (soft positive is a good telltale). And eBay does act, not always, but they do. If no one reports, they’ll keep doing it. Ebay do have safeguards in place as well to protect you against the “dinger happy”: read the “fair performance evaluation” part here Seller performance standards

By the way, never try to communicate with a buyer that left you the low DSR: just block, report and move on! To block them, go to your block bidder list here: eBay BBL

You do not have to feel defeated by DSRs, but make sure you never deal with a buyer who pull this crap ever again! 

I hope this guide on how to easily check who left you a bad DSR on eBay has offered some useful tips on protecting yourself and provided some hope for those sellers that feel frustrated by these seemingly anonymous buyers. Again, this just my opinion on the subject; what’s your experience with detailed seller ratings? Do you check who left you a bad DSR on eBay?

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  1. says

    This is invaluable information to me. I am about to try my hand at selling on eBay again. I have sold a couple of items in the past, mainly books, but the limit on the amount of mailing costs you can charge makes sending heavier books a loss. I need to add as many income streams as I can to my online portfolio and so I have been doing some research.

    It is yet another learning curve, so I am approaching the whole eBay selling thing cautiously. I don’t want to make too many mistakes and end up losing money instead of making some…lol. I know you have considerable experience with selling on eBay so have most likely become aware of many of the potential pitfalls.

    • Nathalie Roy says

      I agree that books is pretty much no longer sustainable on eBay, unless you stick to light stuff or add in postage cost in your selling price.

  2. Adrian says

    Does this still work?? I ask because the only transaction ID I can find is the pay pal transaction ID but when I enter that ID into the box it isn’t accepted as an item number. Am I missing something ??

    • Nathalie Roy says

      It does work. Depends how old your transactions are, you can find the IDs into your dashboard (under sold items. make sure you choose Period “last 90 days”). Also if it’s been longer then 90 days, you can see the ID on your feedback pages (next to the title look for the numbers (xxxxxxx).

  3. Judy Price says

    For those talking about shipping books, media mail postage is practically nothing! I’ve bought huge encyclopedia sized books and paid less than a few bucks in media mail postage. I think a lot of people don’t know about the separate postage option for books and media.

    So I wonder why it says “dsr’s aren’t anonymous, the seller can see what you left” when you have to become an eBay detective to view it. I want to sell on eBay, but for piece of mind, I’m not listing anymore until the next quarter (1/16) when the new seller standards and protections go into effect. Gone are the days of neg feedback being the death of your discounts! Those negative Nancy’s won’t be able to damage you over Feedback anymore. Not being willing to work things out with your buyers, not shipping and uploading tracking, and seller initiated cancelations will be the only way to get bad seller dings. I can’t wait.

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