Bubblews: Gone and Soon Forgotten

Change happens at a rate that would make your head spin.  Sites such as Bubblews come and go and are forgotten quickly.Some time ago I predicted the death of Bubblews here and here and sure enough it has happened.  Admittedly it took longer to happen than I expected.  Their business model was just not sustainable, simple as that.No warning, no opportunity to remove … [Read more...]

Bubblews is Bursting

bubblews scam

Unless you are a tad naive it had to have been obvious to you that the Bubblews’ business model was just not viable.  Good on you and the rest of us who made money from it (or ‘milked it’ as I say), but you know the old adage:  If it’s too good to be true…..The only surprise I felt at the latest Bubblews announcement was that it took so long.  I mean, come on, we all saw it … [Read more...]

Squidoo vs Hubpage: Reversal of Fortune

Today while updating one of my old lens I saw some puzzling stats (at least for me): I was getting traffic to my lens FROM one of my related Hub.Believe me when I say I was shock, because never ever before did a Hub sent me any squidoo traffic. Especially that my Hubs never did that well. So I went in and check the stats on 3 Favorite Manufacturers Of Toys Not Made In … [Read more...]

I am actually having fun on Squidoo right now

Yes, seriously, I am having fun. I haven't been this motivated since a long while. All these new and upcoming Squidoo filters have been the kick in the behind I needed to do spring clean. I haven't been hit yet (either on newly published lenses or on updated lenses) but it is coming sometime next week since I am a giant squid. Another thing that makes me happy, is to see … [Read more...]