My son’s birthday: pirates and playmobil

My son's birthday is coming! It's on june 25th. This year he'll get 2 birthday parties (and 2 cakes.. hmmm). One next week with us, my mom in law and some of his friends and another one the week after once we are in Canada with my family.This year it will be a pirate party. Nothing fancy, just a couple of decorations, a treasure chest pinata and some gold coins for the … [Read more...]

The Cadillac of Pepper Mills

In this post "The 90 Euros Cast Iron Pan" I talk about a Swedish brand of cast iron products. Well, I just bought a Skeppshult pepper mill at 50% off (I am crazy, but not enough to pay the full price). I used a gift card my mother in law gave me at Christmas, so in the end it's a free pepper mill.It grinds extra fine. I need to see if that can be changed to a coarser grind. … [Read more...]

Cute Soft leather Baby Shoes by Starchild

My son had received some cute Robeez when he was born, but that was when we were living in Canada. Now for my daughter I was looking for a local brand and found Starchild, an UK company. Local enough for me. Plus they are not made in China. So I picked these cute pink soft leather shoes featuring a mouse and a piece of cheese. They are not too expensive and Starchild offers a … [Read more...]

This Christmas I Offer Playmobil: Toys not Made in China!

As you may, or may not know, most Playmobil sets are made in Europe!  NOT MADE IN CHINA if you prefer. I try my best to avoid made in China products and I am always looking for new products and toys to add to my list of not made in China. To my surprise Playmobil are made in Europe. I bought 3 boxes for my son's Christmas gifts and all were made in Europe: one from Spain, one … [Read more...]