How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online

The three main ways that people find freelance writing jobs are:Content mills – At these job you would write for a specific company and choose from a list of articles that they want to have written.  You must follow specific guidelines.  You would be paid at predetermined times. Sites such as iWriter, PPH, Odesk etc.Residual income – You can earn money as a … [Read more...]

9 Tips to Finding a Great Writer on Fiverr

Finding a Great Writer on Fiverr If you have not heard of Fiverr, it is a site where you can buy a wide array of “gigs” from people all over the world. Gigs start at $5 but many Fiverr sellers have extra options where you can get other services added on for additional costs. If you are looking for a writer at an affordable price, this can be a good place to start. Most people … [Read more...]

Bad Experience With Conclusion

my bad experience with

This is an update on my initial post about being scammed on It's only fair that I do a follow up about my bad experience with to further clarify the situation and detail what has happened since. After publishing my last post I submitted it to various social networks, mainly Facebook, Twitter and G+. A friend of mine also posted a link to my blog … [Read more...]

Bad Experience With How I was Almost Scammed

my bad experience with

How I was almost scammed: Read about my bad experience with We often hear writers complaining about the various platforms and freelancing sites that they find work through. Mainly these complaints relate to low pay, unrealistic demands or being scammed by the client. This happens a lot and I am constantly surprised by the low rates that some writers are offered. … [Read more...]