Once Upon a Time in New York

When Once Upon a Time starts up in March again it looks like it will be an interesting episode. All sorts of new events are to occur and this time, much of it will be set in New York, where Emma Swan, the beautiful daughter of Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming, is with her son Henry. Neither of them can recall anything from their time in Storybrooke, so how are they … [Read more...]

Norman Reedus – More Than Just a Sexy Zombie Slayer

The Walking Dead is more than half-way into its fourth season but is seems that lately when people are talking about the show they are also talking about Norman Reedus. The friendly actor plays the part of Daryl Dixon and he's grown quite a following over the past year. Women all over the world are swooning all over social media for a chance to see more of him. His old movies … [Read more...]

Katherine Heigl Latest DVD

Katherine Heigl is the most successful ex-Roswell TV show actress. She has been seen on TV as well as on the big screen. In her latest DVD release, the Big Wedding, she plays Lyla, the daughter of a divorced couple (Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton) who fakes being married for a family reunion.Katherine Heigl: model, actress, producer, MOM and wife Katherine Heigl, known … [Read more...]