Yard Sales Season and a New Blog

I have been rather busy lately, but I am still around. It's yard sales season now and I am addicted! I plan on getting as much inventory as I can (plus stuff for me and the kids).I was browsing my extensive eBay photos collection trying to sort them a bit and ran across some very old ones from the early/mid 2000 (I started eBay in 1998) and this prompted me to start a blog … [Read more...]

The Dos and Don’ts Of Finding Bargains At Yard Sales

Broken things to sell on ebay

Finding Bargains At Yard Sales for your eBay business or for your own home and family Yard sale season is upon us once again and this means that mainy happy shoppers will be out scouring the neighborhoods for the best bargains. There will be many two main types of yard sale shoppers out there, the ones that are looking for some cheap bargains for the family and the ones that … [Read more...]

The Golden Rules On Finding Suitable Free Packing Supplies

Free Packing Supplies

There are many aspects to being a great seller, whether you trade via sites like eBay or run your own home business; not only do you have to offer customers the right product, you have to make sure it arrives to them in a way that means they will happily do business with you again. Unfortunately, this can mean lots of boxes and packing materials, which, if you are not careful, … [Read more...]

eBay Sellers: How To Evaluate Secondhand Goods

pricing ebay items

In the appraisal business there are several types of valuation, but the most common is "Fair Market Value." A typical definition of this type of valuation describes it as "The amount at which an item of property would change hands between a willing buyer and willing seller, when neither is under any compulsion to buy or sell and both parties having reasonable knowledge of … [Read more...]

Check Who Left You A Bad DSR On eBay

Check Who Left You A Bad DSR On eBay

How To Easily Check Who Left You A Bad DSR On eBay Even if you are viewed by many as the perfect seller, and you rarely/never receive just 1 or 2 stars from customers, you'll probably get this message from eBay sooner or later:  “Thanks for being a great seller. eBay has protected your seller performance status. You received multiple low detailed seller ratings or claims from … [Read more...]