How To Put iWriter’s Cheap Writers To Use

iWriter's Cheap Writers

Yes, it may sound incredible, but iWriter's cheap writers can be useful. When you next find yourself searching for ideas, inspiration or a new angle on your niche topic, why not hire one of iWriter’s many low-cost writers to get you started.  Known for being a source of cheap writers, iWriter also has some excellent writers available if you know how to find … [Read more...]

Gifts For Bloggers And Internet Marketers

gifts for bloggers

Gifts for Bloggers & Internet Marketers…. Gift Ideas that Don’t Suck There are some who’d say that tech geeks are the hardest people to shop for. Those who say that probably prefer clearing off their shopping list at Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle, or any other major retailer of nice gifts that require no personal thought.Sure, I can suggest a few equivalent … [Read more...]

Old Blog + WordPress = Self Hosted Blog

This is not the first blog I move to self hosted WP. In fact this is the third one. The only reason I didn't do it earlier is time. Time and fatigue (my thyroid got lazy, but that's another story). So finally today was the day. I had the URL and basic setup since a couple of month. All I needed was a theme. I like simple, so I picked "Magazine Basic". It's a nice clean looking … [Read more...]

Discover Plessisville through old postcards and vintage paper ephemera

Plessisville la rue St. Louis vers 1910

I collect many things and love vintage collectibles and antiques. I have an extensive collection of vintage postcards and paper ephemera related to the city where I grew up: Plessisville in Quebec (Canada). I decided to scan everything (not all done quite yet) and make the collection visible on the web via this blog of mine: La ville de Plessisville en cartes postales.    … [Read more...]