Catching Fire – The Second Part of the Hunger Games Trilogy is Better than the First!

If you saw The Hunger Games with Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Helmsworth, and Josh Hutcherson and loved it you’re going to enjoy Catching Fire, part 2 of the series, even more. Fans of The Hunger Games books series will find that Catching Fire is very representative of the book.

In Catching Fire we find Katniss and Peeta back in the Hunger Games dues to President Snow’s disapproval of the feelings that they brought alive amongst the districts. When they both came out of the Hunger Games alive, the people of the districts began to feel hope and President Snow is desperate to stop a revolution. It might be too late unless he can kill that hope before it gets out of hand.

Katniss and Peeta are not the only tributes that are sick of the way that they are treated and are shocked that they are being forced back into the games for another go. Tributes from the other districts are not afraid of showing how upset they are and they are all determined to change things in whatever way they can.

There are parts of this movie that will touch you in ways you don’t expect. The tributes who do whatever it takes to make sure that Katniss survives, Cinna who takes his own stab at President Snow with Katniss’ costume, the people of District 11 who were touched at Katiss’ friendship with the young Rue – all of them and others will do what it takes to keep the hope alive.

Katniss is clueless throughout a lot of the movie. She believes that Peeta is the good one and even makes a deal with Haymitch to make sure he survives. But she doesn’t realize that the revolution has already begun and there’s nothing she can do to stop it. She can only provide them with hope, even though she does so unknowingly. You’ll be at the edge of your seat through much of this movie and wiping tears from your eyes through the rest.

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