Buying and Selling Squidoo Lenses

If you are looking to buy squidoo lenses or sell some of yours why not join the Buying and Selling Squidoo Lenses Facebook group?

I join about a month ago (or a bit earlier). It’s a nice friendly market for squidoo lenses. There is quite a few sellers, some even do custom orders so don’t be shy contacting them if you need something specifically done for you.

I am a buyer there, and have been purchasing a few lenses already, and had a few custom orders done as well. I see it as a time saving move.

Sellers are welcome, just make sure you are not violating squidoo TOS and copyright with the lens you sell, otherwise you will be booted out of the group real fast. That’s to make buyer feel secure.

The only thing that is ask of us is to read the document (you will see it at the top of the group), “sign” it and OBEY it!

Here’s my latest aquisition, thanks to Ann (one of the seller): Mother Daughter Jewelry

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