Bubblews is Bursting

Unless you are a tad naive it had to have been obvious to you that the Bubblews’ business model was just not viable.  Good on you and the rest of us who made money from it (or ‘milked it’ as I say), but you know the old adage:  If it’s too good to be true…..

The only surprise I felt at the latest Bubblews announcement was that it took so long.  I mean, come on, we all saw it coming!  Paying 1 cent for every view, like and comment was just not sustainable, particularly when you consider that most of the site’s traffic is coming from Asia and India.  Did you know that only 10% of Bubblews’ traffic comes from the United States (see this chart here), with the percentage of traffic from Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand being significantly less, and Europe even less still?  So what does that mean?  It means that advertisers, in this case Google Adsense, have little interest in this kind of traffic and therefore pay very little.

Speaking of traffic….  Most of Bubblews’ traffic is not even external traffic from the Search Engines, and according to recent Alexia statistics the percentage of Search Engine traffic Bubblews receives is only 5%.  The majority of the traffic is internal, from users ‘gaming’ the system with likes, comments and visits. This is not good when you are trying to make money.  Living in a bubble is no way to make money in the long run.

bubblews traffic
Traffic to Bubblews from Search Engine (from Alexa.com)


I stopped writing on Bubblews last year (see why here: Is Bubblews a scam?).  Like many good honest writers who chose not to write posts that consisted of little more than drivel such as Good Morning / Goodnight, I failed to receive payment for one of my redemptions.  Some of my writer friends from Squidoo (now hanging out at SquidU) had the same problem.  Initially they got paid their redemptions and then payments started going missing.  Just to be clear, I am talking about quality writers and not plagiarists.  These are writers who own and maintain successful blogs and are recognized for the quality of their writing.

I decided Bubblews was not worth the effort and quit.  Some of my friends chose to stick with them even after falling victim to missing payments (more power to them) and some are still milking Bubblews one year later.  But they are only too aware that it will come to an end and therefore know better than to spend hour after hour on the site.  A classic case of insuring you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket!  I am glad that I never made the mistake of relying on Bubblews solely for my income, as like most of my writer friends, I own and write on several blogs as well as other platforms.  This gives me the security of knowing that if one goes down the drain all is not lost.

I seriously doubt Bubblews will be around much longer, and quite frankly, I am surprised they have survived as long as they have in the first place.  With the percentage of the writers from the USA and UK being as small as it is the money will dwindle fast.  Don’t forget the backlog of payments still to be made, some dating back 30 days or more.  I foresee a lot of missing payments and lost redemptions in the future, particularly for those who do not reside in the USA.  Bubblews simply does not have the cash flow to pay everyone.

Many Bubblews users spend countless of time on that site, everyday.  In just a few short days or weeks the bubble will burst and those people will be left with nothing to show for all of the time invested.  Can you imagine how much better off they (and perhaps you) would have been if they had chosen to invest that time working on their own websites and blogs instead?

Let me give you one piece of advice:  Backup all your posts NOW and prepare to move your good content elsewhere.

I do feel sorry for the honest writers who drank the Bubblews Kool-aid, but seriously, when it’s too good to be true…….


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  1. says

    I fluctuated between wanting to believe in them and not, but only wrote 3 posts in the 2 years or whatever they have been in existence. Yes, some people are/were thrilled with them and always got paid. Some tried to use their payments to supplement their loss of earnings from Squidoo. Me, it was too much like work, and I didn’t want to be married to the place…writing, commenting all day long, so I just ignored it.

    You are right it won’t last long now, but hey, we thought it would already be gone by now.

  2. says

    Absolutely right – the vast majority of the content is dire, the backscratching circles are rife and the income can’t match their liabilities. I have a few posts there – lightweight stuff I wouldn’t want widely publicised – but I shall be removing the account soon.

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