The 100 – From Book to the CW Network

Most of the time we see books adapted to movies but for some reason the CW decided that The 100 would make a great television series. Without reading the book, it is hard to tell if this was a great choice or not. The book reviews on Goodreads are very up and down – some loved it, many hated it. So the big question will be whether or not the CW can fix all the complaints that readers had about the book.

The 100: Season 1
List Price:$24.98
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The 100 is set in the future at a point in time when humans have basically messed up the Earth so badly that those who could escape to a space station where they colonized and created a new home. The colony on the space station is run with tight rules and those who break them are often put to death. But the young ones – the juvenile delinquents – that are still alive have been choose for a mission. They are sent back to a possibly radioactive Earth to check it out and see if it is livable again.
100: Season 2
List Price:$24.98
You Save:$8.99
These young people are often guilty of only minor crimes. Their biggest fault is often questioning the rules and daring to voice their opinions out loud. They are typical youth – angsty, angry, confused, and just looking for someone that understands them.

The Earth is beautiful now but it is filled with danger, too. The 100 teens that are sent to check out the planet will need more than attitude if they want to survive! The question is – do they want to have the rest of the colony join them? Some will say no. The 100 will remind you of The Lord of the Flies so if you like that sort of thing you’ll want to check it out. The first and second seasons are now available on DVD or on Amazon Instant Video (First Season Instant Video, Second Season Instant Video)


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