2016 Star Trek Christmas Ornaments

2016 Star Trek Christmas ornaments
2016 STAR TREK Christmas Ornament U.S.S. Enterprise “Pilot Version” 50th Anniversary Gold Edition

Star Trek has cemented it’s place in pop culture history. There are movies, dolls, games, and posters of the unique but lovable characters everywhere. A newer place to add the fleet to your home is at Christmas time. What better way to show your love for the show than by adding Star Trek to the center of your Christmas decor…the tree. From Star Trek Christmas ornaments and keepsakes, to treetop and lights!





2016 Star Trek Christmas Ornaments

 STAR TREK Christmas Ornament U.S.S. Enterprise

One of the new 2016 Star Trek Christmas ornaments from Hallmark is the U.S.S. Enterprise 50th anniversary Gold “pilot” version.

Also available as a San Diego Comic Con limited edition of 3450 piece: 2016 SDCC Hallmark Star Trek 50th Anniversary Edition USS Enterprise exclusive – RARE REPAINT

 Hallmark Keepsake STAR TREK Legends Ensign Pavel Chekov Hallmark 2016 Christmas Ornament STAR TREK 2016 SDCC Hallmark Star Trek 50th Anniversary Edition Hallmark 2016 Christmas Ornament STAR TREKTM 50th Anniversary


  My top 5 favorite Star Trek Christmas Ornaments: carefully read descriptions to avoid chaos in your Christmas tree!


 Captain James T. Kirk Star Trek Legends #1 In Series


Heroic Captain Kirk should not be hang near your Klingon Christmas ornaments. Damage will occur. Things will be broken and Christmas might be ruined. Your tree might also start to act sexy for some reason.







 QXI1185 Klingon Battle Cruiser Star Trek 2009 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

Qapla’! This Klingon Battle Cruiser’s lights will illuminate your Christmas tree. Warning: avoid placing near an Enterprise ornament or chaos will result.; fire will be exchange and potential deaths may occur. You don’t want your guests dropping dead like Redshirts.








 Amok Time Star Trek 2010 Hallmark Ornament

This ornament depict the famous fight between Spock and Kirk in “Amok Time” episode. Complete with the memorable “da-da-da-daa-daa-da-da-dadada-daaaaaaaa”music! Battery operated. The ornament measures 4 1/4” H.








 Hallmark Keepsake Magic Ornament – Star Trek Voyager Borg Cube

Battery operated Borg Cube. Press the button and let the Borg collective brainwash you with this mantra “We are the Borg. Enjoy your holidays. Resistance is futile”.

 STAR TREK – TRANSPORTER CHAMBER 2006 Hallmark Ornament QXI6296

Complete with sound effects from the original Star Trek show. This is an hard to find Star Trek ornament and a must have in your Christmas tree.

See this Star Trek Christmas ornament it in action!


Display your Star Trek Christmas Ornaments on an aluminum Christmas tree – (see here for a selection of retro style aluminum tree):  I love aluminum Christmas trees, because they remind me of my childhood. In the 70’s we had one, a real classy Aluminum tree. My mom would just add blue glass ornaments to it and light the extra cool rotating color wheel!

So Why an aluminum Christmas tree? Because they are the best looking to display your collection of Star Trek ornament. How cool is that anyway? These trees where hot in the late 60’s and 70’s. I did watch Star Trek sitting at the feet of our aluminum tree. Yes I know, I’m cheesy. So go ahead, aluminum trees always look cool.

Here’s my final tips for a nice Star Trek Christmas tree:

You need an aluminum Christmas tree, only in an nice aluminum tree can your Star Trek Ornaments really shine.

Do not mix Your Star Trek ornaments with Star Wars, Disney’s and whatnot. Star Trek all the way.

Do add lighting and optionally some Christmas glass balls (only one color, don’t mix and match please. Blue would go nicely).

Complete your tree with some Star Trek tree topper and lights, or just focus on the ornaments. Either way, it’s going to be the coolest tree in town! Check these out:




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