How To Put iWriter’s Cheap Writers To Use

iWriter's Cheap Writers

Yes, cheap articles can be useful. Here’s how I use iWriter’s cheap writers

Yes, it may sound incredible, but iWriter’s cheap writers can be useful.

When you next find yourself searching for ideas, inspiration or a new angle on your niche topic, why not hire one of iWriter’s many low-cost writers to get you started.  Known for being a source of cheap writers, iWriter also has some excellent writers available if you know how to find them.


Critics often state that hiring one of iWriter’s cheap writer is a waste of money and as the old adage states ‘You get what you pay for’.  To a certain point I have to agree.  If you are looking for high quality ready-to-publish content for your main blogs or money site, the basic level, cheapest iWriter articles are a waste of time.


At the lowest cost level you are very likely to be presented with unreadable, spun crap written by people who English is a second or third language.  You will lose valuable time attempting to decipher, rejecting and submitting the article request over and over again until, if you are fortunate enough, you have your article written by a new, quality writer who is trying to establish their reputation on the site.


That being said, if you are looking for ideas or opinions, or just a raw, basic article that can be expanded upon by yourself or a higher quality writer, then these basic writers can be useful.  Let’s say you want to publish a post about the Top 10 Gifts for Great Grandmothers with a Passion for Kickboxing.  You know the niche is not adequately covered and there is great potential for affiliate sales, but you are stuck as to what to write because what kick-boxing Grandmas like is something you know nothing about.  This is where the value of iWriter becomes evident. Submit your request (10 Gift Ideas for Kick-boxing Grandmas); get 3 or 4 cheap $1.25 articles written and for around 5 bucks you end up with some good ideas and the basis for your post.  You can then go ahead and hire a quality writer to turn those short articles into a comprehensive and informative post, or if you prefer write the post yourself.


You can also request longer, more comprehensive articles to be written for cheap, with various points of view / ideas that may just be what you need to get started.  Once in a while you may even be extremely lucky and get your article written by someone who really knows how to write a quality article, though at the basic level, this is very rare.


Please note that I am not suggesting you reject the cheap articles when you are buying them expressly for the ideas contained in them.  I have never rejected an ‘ideas article’ when using this method.  To do so is in my opinion unprofessional and dishonest.  I have, however, rejected sub-par crap articles when I hired writers to write articles that I intended to go directly onto my website.  But that is another story.


iWriter is great for the ideas method because it is cheap.  You can get a 150 word article for as little as $1.25 and a 300 word article will cost you around $2.00.  At those prices it allows you to get a number of articles on your topic that can then be condensed and refined into a quality article or post (written by yourself or your favorite ghost writer) that you would be proud to publish on your blog or site.

While iWriter may not be the first choice of many bloggers and website owners for getting articles written it can be worthwhile for others.  Why not give it a try and decide for yourself whether iWriter belongs on your list of resources.

I have been using iWriter for a couple of years now and I have found excellent writers there (you really need to be patient to find those gems tho). I also been using the iWriter’s cheap writers to give me ideas or kick start a project. Using these for anything else is a waste of time.

I hope this was helpful. And note that this method can be use on other content providing sites, not just iWriter. Here’s the link to request content on iWriter.

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Reselling From Charity Shops For A Profit

reselling from charity shops

Reselling from charity shops: right or wrong?

If you treat your online selling as a business then you are familiar with the need to source your inventory at the best possible prices in order to achieve the highest profits. This is why charitable organization shops are popular sourcing venues for online sellers.

While charitable organizations originally opened shops to provide quality goods at affordable prices for those struggling financially, they are becoming increasingly aware of their popularity with a wider demographic, including online sellers.

Online sellers may feel a sense of guilt at buying their merchandise from charity shops, with several factors making them feel this way. Let’s take a look at some of those:

Is it wrong to buy items that the needy may want to purchase, thereby reducing the number of items available to those less financially secure?

The majority of charitable organization stores have more stock than they can handle. Many of these stores have limited space and will replace sold items very quickly. Of course this is not true of every store and is largely dependent upon population and wealth of the community.

Is it wrong to offer items to potential buyers that were sourced from a charitable organization store?

Unless there is some marking or store tag left on the item when photographed there is no way that a potential buyer can tell where it came from. The buyer is more interested in whether the item is in good, working condition. Besides, the likes of Salvation Army and Goodwill often receive items that are still factory sealed, but offer them to the public at much reduced prices.

Is it deceitful in any way to purchase from a charity shop with the intention of re-selling?

I believe that most charity shop employees are aware that a number of their regular customers sell online. In fact, I would go as far as to say that they are grateful to such customers, as often they will buy large quantities of items. This helps the store keep shelves stocked with new items, and at the same time keeps the money coming in. Also, it is wise to note that many online sellers donate back items that have not sold.

At the end of the day $1 is $1 whether it comes from an online seller or someone bargain hunting for them self. Provided the money is put back into the community via charitable works then there is no need to feel any guilt whatsoever.

And you can always make a donation to your favorite charity shop at the end of the year!

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Bubblews is Bursting

bubblews scam

Unless you are a tad naive it had to have been obvious to you that the Bubblews’ business model was just not viable.  Good on you and the rest of us who made money from it (or ‘milked it’ as I say), but you know the old adage:  If it’s too good to be true…..

The only surprise I felt at the latest Bubblews announcement was that it took so long.  I mean, come on, we all saw it coming!  Paying 1 cent for every view, like and comment was just not sustainable, particularly when you consider that most of the site’s traffic is coming from Asia and India.  Did you know that only 10% of Bubblews’ traffic comes from the United States (see this chart here), with the percentage of traffic from Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand being significantly less, and Europe even less still?  So what does that mean?  It means that advertisers, in this case Google Adsense, have little interest in this kind of traffic and therefore pay very little.

Speaking of traffic….  Most of Bubblews’ traffic is not even external traffic from the Search Engines, and according to recent Alexia statistics the percentage of Search Engine traffic Bubblews receives is only 5%.  The majority of the traffic is internal, from users ‘gaming’ the system with likes, comments and visits. This is not good when you are trying to make money.  Living in a bubble is no way to make money in the long run.

bubblews traffic

Traffic to Bubblews from Search Engine (from


I stopped writing on Bubblews last year (see why here: Is Bubblews a scam?).  Like many good honest writers who chose not to write posts that consisted of little more than drivel such as Good Morning / Goodnight, I failed to receive payment for one of my redemptions.  Some of my writer friends from Squidoo (now hanging out at SquidU) had the same problem.  Initially they got paid their redemptions and then payments started going missing.  Just to be clear, I am talking about quality writers and not plagiarists.  These are writers who own and maintain successful blogs and are recognized for the quality of their writing.

I decided Bubblews was not worth the effort and quit.  Some of my friends chose to stick with them even after falling victim to missing payments (more power to them) and some are still milking Bubblews one year later.  But they are only too aware that it will come to an end and therefore know better than to spend hour after hour on the site.  A classic case of insuring you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket!  I am glad that I never made the mistake of relying on Bubblews solely for my income, as like most of my writer friends, I own and write on several blogs as well as other platforms.  This gives me the security of knowing that if one goes down the drain all is not lost.

I seriously doubt Bubblews will be around much longer, and quite frankly, I am surprised they have survived as long as they have in the first place.  With the percentage of the writers from the USA and UK being as small as it is the money will dwindle fast.  Don’t forget the backlog of payments still to be made, some dating back 30 days or more.  I foresee a lot of missing payments and lost redemptions in the future, particularly for those who do not reside in the USA.  Bubblews simply does not have the cash flow to pay everyone.

Many Bubblews users spend countless of time on that site, everyday.  In just a few short days or weeks the bubble will burst and those people will be left with nothing to show for all of the time invested.  Can you imagine how much better off they (and perhaps you) would have been if they had chosen to invest that time working on their own websites and blogs instead?

Let me give you one piece of advice:  Backup all your posts NOW and prepare to move your good content elsewhere.

I do feel sorry for the honest writers who drank the Bubblews Kool-aid, but seriously, when it’s too good to be true…….


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It Really Is Not Too Late To Design Zazzle Christmas Products

Zazzle Christmas Products

Christmas angel and shepherds card

Every year I find myself falling into the same predictable pattern: in the height December, while Christmas is front and center in everyone’s minds, I say to myself,”OK, next year I definitely start adding Christmas products in my Zazzle store early in the summer, so they have time to gain some momentum”; once October quickly rolls back around and it is Halloween that starts to play on our minds, I always find myself saying the same thing, “ah darn, I am late…again”. I know I cannot be the only one to do this and I want to reassure others that even though I may intend to start earlier and inevitably fail to do so, I still usually manage to do well anyway with my Christmas creations.

Think positive and reap the rewards of a good design.

So what if we are late again? That shouldn’t stop us from giving our Christmas ideas as much love and attention as we can. Go ahead, make the most of the autumn season and never think it’s too late for success – my experience has proved otherwise. If you want a prime example, how about the fun Christmas pig I designed last year that was a big hit with my consumer base and the fact that I sold a ton of wrapping paper and Christmas cards with that pig design on it, even though I uploaded it late in October. A good design uploaded in October will sell better than a poor design uploaded in June.

christmas pig wrapping paper

My Christmas pig design on wrapping paper

The best place to start with a design to ensure a high volume of sales is with the big 3 sellers: cards, wrapping paper and ornaments. We never have too many cards or too much paper on hand for those last minute gifts. Once you have established your cute character or quirky image on these must-have items you can expand the range with other products available on Zazzle for additional sales.

People LOVE using matching stamps when they send a Christmas card so don’t be shy about adding “design available on postage stamps” on your card description and vice versa for a quick impulse buy.

Also, did you know that you can now put your own edible design on top of sugar cookies, shortbread and even brownies. Yes real cookies, freshly baked! They are expensive BUT with the right design they could be a worthwhile venture and you may be surprised by the profits. Don’t forget that winter is the season of office and corporate parties as well as hostess and teacher gift dilemmas. Some people have the money to spend on these items, they just need to see your beautiful and original cookies!

personalized christmas cookies

One of my Christmas cookie design

Once a design is established, the choice of additional merchandise is up to you. Don’t forget that because Christmas designs are seasonal, many people are shy buying expensive products that they can’t really use all year around. Personally, I feel that napkins, mugs, plates and stickers are worth adding because they make great party supplies and can be bought in bulk for many guests. But other items such as cases and skins can be ignored.

A great product list is a must, whether you start in June or October, but you also need to promote the design and products to make these sales.

As long as you manage to find the middle ground between under-promotion and spamming, promoting your Zazzle products shouldn’t be too difficult. The first step is to head to the Zazzle forum and post in a relevant thread in the “Zazzle Merchandising Team” and “show me” sub-forums; however, your greatest promotional friends are blogging and social media. Use your blog, post links on Facebook and Twitter and, if you write on Hubpages or other content websites, use your products as images.

Niche and focused Pinterest boards are ideal but do NOT pin only your own products; instead, take the time to find LEGITIMATE related content that can be used to help promote the theme and style. Lots of spammers pin cute images and then link them to their spammy site or worse, porn sites and counterfeit designer items sale pages. Make sure you check out those urls before pinning on your well curated boards.

Head to Viralwoot for extra Pinterest promotion. It’s free to use and can bring some good repin action.

It really is not too late to design Zazzle Christmas products and to get them noticed, so get designing, think about the ideal product range – from cards to cookies – and take the time to work on some tasteful promotion on social media and blogs. Through these three steps you should find just as much success by starting now as you would have if you started in summer. We will never break this cycle so let’s embrace it and make the most of it instead.

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