Ladies! Put Pokemon Go At Your Service NOW!

Pokemon go power

Ladies, hear me!Pokemon Go is your friend! It's not the enemy. You need to harness Pokemon Go power and use it the way it was intended. Listen, here's what you need to do and why you need to do it.1- Install Pokemon go on your hubby's phone. that's it. Tell him it's ok, you do not mind AT ALL if he plays with it. Give him a few days and then this is where the plan comes … [Read more...]

The 100 – From Book to the CW Network

Most of the time we see books adapted to movies but for some reason the CW decided that The 100 would make a great television series. Without reading the book, it is hard to tell if this was a great choice or not. The book reviews on Goodreads are very up and down – some loved it, many hated it. So the big question will be whether or not the CW can fix all the complaints that … [Read more...]

Vampire Academy – There’s No Sparkling with These Vampires!

If you’ve grown tired for vampires that sparkle and year for good old fashioned vampires that crave blood and aren’t afraid to get aggressive then you’ll love this movie. This is a movie for a younger crowd but it is sure to be loved by everyone that sees it. It’s filled with action but it has a good amount of humor by way of cheesy one-liners, too. The movie has some great … [Read more...]

Bubblews: Gone and Soon Forgotten

Change happens at a rate that would make your head spin.  Sites such as Bubblews come and go and are forgotten quickly.Some time ago I predicted the death of Bubblews here and here and sure enough it has happened.  Admittedly it took longer to happen than I expected.  Their business model was just not sustainable, simple as that.No warning, no opportunity to remove … [Read more...]

Star Wars: as the Force Awakens, Buy Disney, Lego toys; Sell Hasbro

The much anticipated release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens has arrived. Retailers from Wal-Mart (WMT) and Toys R Us, to Barnes and Noble (BKS) and Best Buy are featuring waves of first-release branded merchandise. For investors, there is major upside potential to gain from the hype, release of, and sales related to Star Wars. This is especially true for those looking to … [Read more...]