Bubblews: Gone and Soon Forgotten

Change happens at a rate that would make your head spin.  Sites such as Bubblews come and go and are forgotten quickly.Some time ago I predicted the death of Bubblews here and here and sure enough it has happened.  Admittedly it took longer to happen than I expected.  Their business model was just not sustainable, simple as that.No warning, no opportunity to remove … [Read more...]

Star Wars: as the Force Awakens, Buy Disney, Lego toys; Sell Hasbro

star wars awakens toys

The much anticipated release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens has arrived. Retailers from Wal-Mart (WMT) and Toys R Us, to Barnes and Noble (BKS) and Best Buy are featuring waves of first-release branded merchandise. For investors, there is major upside potential to gain from the hype, release of, and sales related to Star Wars. This is especially true for those looking to … [Read more...]

Buying Cheap Gold Online

buying cheap gold coins online

Beware: there is no such thing as buying cheap gold online!Buying gold online can be very tricky. Anyone who wants to purchase gold coins, bullion or raw gold (dust or nuggets) must be very cautious. First, gold has been the center of scams for about, oh, forever. The second difficulty is the Internet itself: Some people offering to sell things online are… dishonest. And … [Read more...]

Make Money From Old Magazines On eBay

Make Money From Old Magazines

Yes, you can make money from old magazines! Do you have old magazines lying around the house that you no longer have the room to store? Don’t be so quick to throw them away. You can make money from old magazines if you know how to market them. Old magazines are among the "free things to sell on ebay" I blogged about last week. Many people assume a magazine only has value if … [Read more...]

Toys For Geeks: Friendly Zombies

friendly zombies

What In the World is Frombie?! (Short Answer: A Cool Kawaii Friendly Zombie Series) Frombie is lifestyle brand offering a unique concept of collectible “Friendly Zombie” toys and comic books which can be described as disturbingly creepy and cute at the same time. The concept of turning monsters into toys can be found with many popular brands that are connected to additional … [Read more...]